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Signing of agreement between CCRS and GRID-Arendal for Ottawa

Ottawa, September 16, 1998 - Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Director-General Edryd Shaw and GRID-Arendal, Managing Director Svein Tveitdal sign a project agreement to collaborate on the development of an operational GRID node in Canada.

Concrete implementation of the agreement will be through the placement of GRID-Arendal Polar Programme Manager, David Henry, within CCRS for an initial 12-month period. David will focus on developing polar projects that meet with UNEP's environmental assessment and reporting goals and will report to Acting Applications Division Director, Ron Brown.

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Dr Edryd Shaw (right) and Mr Svein Tveitdal sign the agreement at CCRS's offices in Ottawa, overseen by Dr. Ron Brown (right) and David Henry

It is anticipated that this collaboration will contribute considerably to the availability of environmental information for the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Canada has the second largest Arctic territory, after the Russian Federation.

Canada is currently active in international environmental issues such as the UN/ECE POPs protocol and the UNEP-led negotiations for a global POPs agreement. The revitalisation of an active GRID node in Canada will provide the opportunity for closer cooperation between Canadian national and international interests and those of UNEP.

Technology and services developed and in use within Canadian institutions and organisations (including private enterprise) are potentially some of the leading technologies in the field of data gathering, interpretation and assessment. This opportunity GRID centre should aim to catalyse access to such data and technology for the benefit of global and regional assessments.

GRID-Arendal was established in 1989 with a mandate to contribute to the GRID network by focusing on the Polar Regions, Norway and the other Nordic countries and adjacent seas. Today GRID-Arendal continues to work in these areas and, in addition, in central and Eastern Europe. UNEP has also located the Secretariat for UNEPnet (the Green Internet) in Arendal.

The Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS) is located within Natural Resources Canada. Established in 1971, CCRS has the mandate to improve remote sensing technology, facilitate the acquisition and dissemination of remote sensing data, and to work with and develop the Canadian industry involved in remote sensing. CCRS provides an excellent host to enable close cooperation with GRID-Arendal on Polar and other issues.

For further information contact:
David Henry,
c/o CCRS,
588 Booth St. Ottawa, K1A 0Y7
Telephone: +1 613 995 2042
Fax: +1 613 947 1383

Monday 21 Sep 1998
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