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Guide to environment and development sources of information on CD-ROM and the Internet

Moscow/Nairobi, 5 June 1998 - "The information gap regarding the quality and quantity of environmental data and information remains great between the developed and developing countries and countries with economies in transition", said Klaus Topfer, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), when officially launching the UNEP publication Guide to Environment and Development Sources of Information on CD-ROM and the Internet during World Environment Day celebrations hosted by the Russian Federation in Moscow.

"Capacity building in these nations and regions requires rapid development not only for environmental assessment and reporting but for information retrieval and dissemination" Mr. Topfer said.

The purpose of the Guide to Environment and Development Sources of Information on CD-ROM and the Internet is to assist users in locating relevant information sources on environment and sustainable development. This Guide is a result of a fruitful collaboration between UNEP and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Sussex, in the United Kingdom.

In sustainable development, everyone is a user and provider of information considered in the broad sense. That includes data, information, appropriately packaged experience and knowledge. The need for information arises at all levels, from that of senior decision makers at the national and international levels to the grass-roots and individual levels.

Although there exists a wealth of information that could be used for the management of sustainable development, one of the major problems encountered within many countries, particularly developing countries, is that information is not adequately identified. The Guide to Environment and Development Sources of Information on CD-ROM and the Internet is the latest publication by INFOTERRA in a series of initiatives to open up greater access to information on environment and development. The target audience for the publication is the broad base of librarians, documentalists, database developers, thesaurus developers, terminologists, GIS specialists, translators, interpreters and environment and development information specialists in general.

UNEP's global environmental information exchange network, INFOTERRA, now operates in 176 countries and continues to facilitate access to environmental information by a diverse spectrum of users as recommended in Chapter 40 of Agenda 21.


UNEP News Release 1998/57

For more information on the Guide or other INFOTERRA products and services, contact:
Beth Ingraham,
Information Officer,
INFOTERRA Programme Activity Centre,
Division of Environmental Information and Assessment,
PO Box 30552, Nairobi,
Tel: (254 2) 624299, Fax: (254 2) 624269,
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Note to journalists: In Moscow, Russia Federation, during the Press Conference for World Environment Day the Guide to Environment and Development, Sources of Information on CD-ROM and the Internet will be launched by the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme Dr. Klaus Tpfer, at Mayors Office, Moscow Mansion House 5 June 1998, at 10 am.

For information on the day of the launch, contact
Robert Bisset,
Information Officer,
Information and Public Affairs,
UNEP through the UNEP Committee,
11 Novy Abat Street,
Building 1, room 1819,
121019, Moscow.
Tel: 7095 203 5584, Fax: 7095 202 6334,

To order a copy, contact:
SMI (Distribution Services) Limited,
P.O. Box 119, Stevenage
Hertfordshire SG1 4TP,
England, United Kingdom,
Tel: (44 1438) 748111, Fax: (44 1438) 748844,

Published by:
United Nations Environment Programme, 270 pages, A4,
ISBN: 92 807 1682 4.
Order Price: US$25.00 (plus shipping and handling)

For more information:
Mr. Tore J. Brevik
Information and Public Affairs
Tel: (254-2) 62 3292
Fax: (254-2) 62 3692

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