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Cleaner production: A guide to sources of information

April 1998 - Cleaner Production has been acknowledged as the preferred strategy to achieve efficient use of natural resources and to prevent pollution. However, obtaining information on cleaner production can be a challenging task of sifting through the seemingly endless amount of resources that are constantly changing. 

Not only is new information being made available every day, but the terminology used to describe cleaner production and preventive environmental activities is evolving. Terms such as pollution prevention, waste minimization, green productivity, source reduction, eco-efficiency and clean technologies are also used to refer to the Cleaner Production concept or aspects of it. Hence, searching available information can be a lengthy process.

This is why, as part of its Cleaner Production Programme, UNEP IE has published Cleaner Production: A Guide to Sources of Information. The booklet presents a number of information sources that can be of assistance in obtaining further information about cleaner production. Among these sources are:

The national centres for cleaner production which have activities going on worldwide and offer experience and expertise in the practical implementation of cleaner production. Activities include training and technical assistance, demonstration projects, sectoral approaches, outreach and awareness raising efforts and policy studies.

A listing of publications which highlight experience and technical insights and which are available from many sources.

The database section provides an annotated listing of Internet sites available. The audio visual section has an annotated listing of many of the available videos which range from general awareness raising to technically specific topics There are also sections on cleaner production courses and available training curricula that exist worldwide.

About UNEP Industry and Environment UNEP established its Industry and Environment office (UNEP IE) in 1975 to bring industry and government together to promote environmentally sound industrial development. UNEP IE is located in Paris. Its goals are:

  1. to encourage the incorporation of environmental criteria in industrial development plans;
  2. to facilitate the implementation of procedures and principles for the protection of the environment;
  3. to promote preventive environmental protection through cleaner production and other pro-active approaches; and,
  4. to stimulate the exchange of information and experience throughout the world.

    IE provides access to practical information and develops co-operative activities backed by regular follow-up and assessment. To promote the transfer of information and the sharing of knowledge and experience, IE has developed three complementary tools: technical reports; the quarterly "Industry and Environment" review and a technical query-response service.





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    To order "Guide to Information Sources," please contact:

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    FAX: +44 (1438) 748 844

    UNEP Information Note 1998/4

Friday 10 Apr 1998
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