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Making good decisions: How to use UNEP IE's Ozonaction clearinghouse

December 1997 - Since 1991, the UNEP IE (United Nations Environment Programme - Industry and Environment office) OzonAction Programme under the Multilateral Fund has been strengthening the capacity of National Ozone Units (NOUs) and industry in developing countries to make informed decisions on technology and policy options to help them meet their obligations under the Montreal Protocol to phase out ozone depleting substances (ODS). 

The Programme has continuously delivered a range of need-based services, including information exchange, to enable decision makers in those countries take informed decisions on policies and investments. Now a guide entitled Making Good Decisions is available to help users maximize the effectiveness of the information provided by the programme.

NOUs, industry associations and others have received a wide array of information and management tools from the OzonAction Programme, including the OzonAction Information Clearinghouse (OAIC) diskette database, a quarterly newsletter, sector-specific technical publications for identifying and selecting alternative technologies, policy guidelines, sector-specific handbooks, training materials, awareness and technical videos, posters and a World Wide Web site.

Each developing country is at a different stage in the ODS phase out process. Since each country has a unique ODS use pattern and level of industrial development, their technical, policy and management needs will accordingly be different from other countries. The utility of the information and training tools provided by UNEP IE is therefore time- and country-dependent.

The OzonAction Programme has therefore produced a short guide to help the clearinghouse users understand how and when each of these "enabling tools" will be useful in implementing a developing country's national programme to eliminate ODS. The guide explains why information is important, describes the stage-wise phase out process, and explains how different types of information are needed at various stages in that process. The guide also distinguishes between the roles of users from governments, industry and NGOs and their information requirements.

While targeted at users in developing countries, the guide will be useful to anyone interested in using the information provided by UNEP IE's OzonAction Programme. It will also be of interest to other environmental clearinghouses that are interested in communicating similar guidance to their own user groups.

This guide is part of the information exchange services provided by UNEP to developing countries to help them meet their obligations under the Montreal Protocol. The OzonAction Programme also provides other clearinghouse services (Training & Networking of ODS Officers) as well as assistance with the development of national ODS phase out strategies (Country Programmes) and Institutional Strengthening support.

For more information, contact:

UNEP IE OzonAction Programme, Tour Mirabeau,
39-43 quai Andre Citroen, Paris 75739 cedex 15, France

or Tel: (33.1), Fax: (33.1),

UNEP Information Note 1997/37


To order the guide, please contact:

SMI (Distribution Services) Limited
P.O. Box 119 Stevenage
Hertfordshire SG1 4TP England
Fax: +44 (1438) 748 844

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