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Young musicians seek public support in their efforts to promote healthier environment

Nairobi/Hamburg, 26 September - Today at 10 a.m. in Hamburg, Germany, the United World Philharmonic youth orchestra and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) will hold a press conference to launch a programme in support of an upcoming concert in Kyoto, Japan for the opening of the Kyoto Climate Change Conference. The concert is scheduled to be held on 30 November 1997.

The purpose of today's launch is twofold - to focus attention on those projects which support a healthy environment for the future and to obtain financial support for members of the orchestra who will travel to Japan for their performance at the Kyoto conference.

Referring to the forthcoming concert in Japan, Ms. Elizabeth Dowdeswell, UNEP's Executive Director said: þThis musical event is a fitting symbol of a global alliance dedicated to protecting planet Earth for future generations. I hope that the spirit of youth behind the concert will be an inspiration to all those gathering in Kyoto for the climate change negotiations. We know the negotiations will be difficult but if the climate change convention fails we will be on a slippery slope for all progress on international environmental law.þ

The Kyoto concert is also the founding event for the þCaring for Our Futureþ campaign. This campaign seeks to adopt the centuries-old heritage of classical music as a symbol for sustainability. This heritage will be combined with the latest multi-media technologies to produce a truly unique media event. After Kyoto, a series of concert tours and televised concert events will take place around the world. Millennial celebrations for the year 2000 are also anticipated.

The members of the United World Philharmonic youth orchestra are young musicians, from 16 to 26 years of age. In appreciation of contributions above DM50, donors will receive a UNEP-certified tree to plant wherever they choose as a symbol of growth for the next 50 years. It is hoped that this gesture will raise public awareness of the need to protect our environment.

For more information:
Rudiger Schramm, 22459 Hamburg,
Tel.: 49(0)40-5523877, fax 49/(0)40/5513937

Michael Williams,
Information Unit for Conventions, Geneva
at (+41- 22) 979 9242/44, fax (+41-22) 797 3464,

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