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Experts work towards implementation of climate change convention

Nairobi/Paris, September 1997 - In Paris, last week, a group of experts from Governments, industry, academia and non- governmental organizations met to discuss "Mutually Beneficial Incentives" for Activities Implemented Jointly (AIJ) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Participants in this meeting were drawn from developed and developing countries and those with economies in transition.

Discussions focused on the importance of "mutually beneficial incentives" to enhance technology deployment for climate change mitigation, development, and socio-economic improvement through activities implemented jointly under the UNFCCC.

IEA and UNEP hope that this workshop will contribute to the enhancement of the pilot phase for AIJ under the Climate Convention, since cooperation among all countries is critical to the success of the Convention.

The meeting was intended as a brainstorming session and the full range of ideas from the workshop will be presented as a contribution to the Climate Change Convention Subsidiary Body Meeting in late October 1997, in Bonn, Germany.

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