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Fifth annual clean up the world campaign to involve record number of countries

Nairobi - 15 September 1997 - In an inspiring display of global cooperation, 40 million people from Brazil to Brunei, Tanzania to Thailand will take part in the fifth annual Clean Up the World Campaign scheduled to take place from 19 - 21 September in more than 110 countries.

Eight new countries have registered for this year's event, namely Angola, El Salvador, Gabon, Madagascar, Palau, St.Kitts and Nevis, Tanzania and The Netherlands.

The Campaign, organized in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), focuses on a wide range of activities involving initiatives designed to produce both short term and long term solutions to environmental problems.

From the establishment of recycling centres to environmental education campaigns, the creation of reforestation programmes to the establishment of compost centres, Clean Up the World's organizing committees are taking the next step in the war to preserve the environment.

The problems of waste management and the need for waste reduction are common to communities the world over. Clean up the World emphasizes the importance of establishing long term sustainability and implementing strategies to recycle and reuse waste materials, as well as to reduce waste at its source.

"The Clean Up the World Campaign has proven to be one of the simplest and most effective ways of tackling these issues and at the same time help raise environmental awareness," says UNEP's Executive Director, Ms. Elizabeth Dowdeswell.

"The lack of political will to tackle the world's growing environmental problems - as demonstrated by leaders at both Earth Summits - clearly shows that ordinary people must lead the way, if we are to address the enormous problems facing the environment," adds the Founder and Chairman of Clean Up the World, Mr. Ian Kiernan.

This year, all across the globe, organizing committees have adopted water as their theme. Among other initiatives, they are attempting to improve their local waterways by monitoring pollution levels to removing rubbish from their local creeks, canals, beaches and ponds.

Since its inception in 1993, more than 150 million people have taken part in this global community-based movement. This unique success story, a shining example of global environmental citizenship, has touched a nerve in people from all walks of life, from boy scouts to Prime Ministers, mayors to cardinals, from non-governmental organizations to the private sector, and from industry to governments.

In one of the largest community events ever staged in human history, Clean Up the World aims to involve every country on Earth by the year 2000.

The Campaign is sponsored by the Discovery Channel (the world's largest producer of non-fiction entertainment) and the international financial services firm KPMG, and is supported by Qantas, Compaq and the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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