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A Ballerina enters the Baltic Environmental Stage

Stockholm, 29/4 1997 - Today, the official web site BALLERINA (Baltic Sea Region on-line environmental information resources for Internet access), was officially launched in Stockholm.

BALLERINA is designed to guide to a broad spectrum of information resources and ways to communciate on environmental and natural resource issues and sustainable development issues in the Baltic Sea Region

The target audience is the 'environmentally concerned' audience in the Baltic Sea Region - and elsewhere - ranging from students in high schools, to the professional environmental management community and scientists.

BALLERINA is the result of a co-operative effort to provide comprehensive information on-line.

BALLERINA is financially supported by the European Environment Agency, the Ministries of Environment in Norway and Sweden, and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Acting lead parties are GRID-Arendal and Stockholm Marine Research Centre (SMF).

For further information:

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Dr. Sindre Langaas,
BALLERINA network co-ordinator
Phone: +46-8-161737.
E-mail: or contact
Ms. Britt Hagerhall Aniansson,
Phone: +46-18-469966.

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