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GRID-Arendal honoured at the Princes’ Award ceremony in Copenhagen on World Environment Day fifth of June

05 Jun 1996 - The award was handed over to the GRID-Arendal Director, Mr Svein Tveitdal by the two patrons:

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Felipe of Spain.

The Princes' Award is initiated by the European Environment Agency as a competition for the best audiovisuals on Europe's environment.

The objective of the Award is to emphasize the importance of public participation in solving Europe's environmental problems and public involvement in the move towards sustainable development across the European continent.

The entries have been evaluated by a jury co-chaired by the Commissioner for the environment, Ms. Ritt Bjerregaard and the Executive Director of the EEA, Mr Domingo Jimenez Beltran.

An honorary Committee of prominent European personalities, including the President of the Republic of Iceland Vigdis Finbogadottir, the former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev, the former President of the European Commission Jacques Delors and the President of the Czech Republic Václav Havel secure the integrity and prestige of the Award.

The competition for The Princes' Award is open to all sectors of the European society, the audiovisual and publishing community, TV companies, independent producers, business, NGOs etc.

At the Award ceremony, the chairman of the jury, the EU Commissioner Ritt Bjerregaard, praised the Norwegian product for its innovative and pioneering role as an environmental information product on the Internet.

Internet-users all over the world have easy access to a menu system over status and development on important environmental issues in Norway, the areas where Norway is doing a good job, and where there are problems.
The State of the Environment Norway is visited by several hundreds of Internet users loading down thousands of pages every week, and has become a model on how to present environmental information for decision-makers and the general public.

The first price was given to the South Savo Environment Centre, Finland.
Comments from the jury:
“'Natura', from Jari Mutanen and the South Savo Environment Centre in Finland, has produced a closely targeted, interactive CD-ROM. The target audience is defined very clearly as being school-children. The subject is equally well focused: the South Savo area of Mikkeli province in Finland. The CD-ROM contains games and quizzes on subjects such as re-cycling, information on environmental protection, details of flora and fauna. All with an emphasis on what individual audience members can do in the cause of sustainablity.

Comments from the jury on State of the Environment: Norway 1995:
“The starting point for many multi-media productions is, effectively, a data-base: a mountain of information which can be made more accessible on CD-ROM than by traditional means such as directories, library indexes and publications.

At best, such productions provide the data required in a way which allows easy access to the user and, very importantly, permits the data to be used for specific purposes, such as research or comparison.

In the opinion of the Jury, 'State of the Environment: Norway 1995' meets and surpasses these requirements. In that respect it sets a high standard for multi-media productions founded on the 'database' approach.

Quite simply, 'State of the Environment: Norway 1995' contains all you might ever need to know about Norway's environment. In addition to a CD-ROM, the production also has an Internet web site which will enable the project to be constantly updated. It is clearly targeted (at decision-makers, the media, the concerned public and schools) and aims to raise general awareness about the environment in the spirit of Agenda 21.

In the opinion of the Jury, this production is an accomplished piece of work which will act as an important aid to decision-making and to secondary research.”

The State of the Environment Norway 95 is the result of close cooperation between GRID-Arendal and the Environmental unit of the Norwegian Mapping Authorities.
Other important cooperating partners have been Statistics Norway, Directorate for Nature management, Pollution Control Authority, Norwegian Ministry of Environment and UNEP.

For further information on the Princes’ Award, see Internet address: and

    GRID-Arendal received the 2nd place during the award ceremony of the prestigious Princes’ Award 1996 in Copenhagen 5 June. The award was given for the multimedia product State of the Environment Norway on the Internet and on CD-ROM.
Wednesday 05 Jun 1996
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