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GA and WCMC reindeer article achieves international attention

Threatened by the building of dams, mountain cabins and hydroelectric schemes Europe's last remaining reindeer population is in peril. So writes the New Scientist after a scientific article written by GRID-Arendal and the World Conservation Monitoring Center published in Biological Conservation this month. Other international media have also covered the findings in the scientific article.
For reading the New Scientist article go to:

To contact the GRID-Arendal scientist who has written the article: Dr. Christian Nellemann, Senior associate, Global coordinator, GLOBIO (, UNEP GRID-Arendal/NINA, Fakkelg?rden, Storhove, N-2628 Lillehammer, Norway, Phone: +47 61 28 79 00, Direct: + 47 61 28 79 16, Fax: + 47 61 28 79 01, email:

Thursday 18 Dec 2003
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