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ENVSEC - New Progress Report

During its first full year of operation, ENVSEC (Environment and Security) has significantly advanced in a number of thematic areas and geographical regions as well as with cross-cutting work.

ENVSEC achieved concrete results in participatory identification of specific environment and security priorities, raising awareness of the links between natural environment and human security, and in networking with its key partners.

In-depth assessment of environment and security issues in the Ferghana valley in Central Asia. The assessment included a field study and regional consultations in Osh in December 2004 and a development of a USD 2,5 million follow-up work programme addressing risks from industrial pollution, uranium mining and abandoned waste sites, natural disasters as well as promoting sound management of small river basins in upper Syr-Darya. The Osh meeting will also be followed by a series of regular meetings of Kyrgyz, Tajik and Uzbek provincial environmental authorities from the Ferghana valley;

1 st phase assessment of environment and security issues and hot-spots in the Southern Caucasus, launched with significant resonance at the ‘Environment for Europe’ Ministerial Meeting for the EECCA countries in Tbilisi in October 2004. On-the-ground activities included an application of strategic environmental assessment to incorporate related concerns into practical decision-making (Yerevan city and Batumi port development plans), strengthening cooperation on water management in Kura-Aras river basin (water monitoring, diagnostic assessment and strategic action), catalysing support to cleaning up abandoned military bases in Armenia, and increasing awareness of environment and security locally (Marneuli – Gazakh – Tavoush transboundary area);

Regional consultations in Skopje in September 2004, to further ENVSEC work programme for South Eastern Europe including an assessment and management of environment and security risks associated with mining practices, transboundary biodiversity management and conservation as a peace-building instrument and a tool for improving local livelihoods, and management of shared water basins;

Support to the 4th Central Asian Festival of Environmental Journalism with a special nomination on ‘Environment and Security’, a special edition of a transboundary CENN magazine for the Southern Caucasus, workshops in investigative environmental reporting in Yerevan and Tashkent, and setting up a new ‘Aarhus centre’ in Osh (Kyrgyz Republic) to promote access to environmental information and public participation on the local level.

The Initiative's website at has been completely renovated, now with information on the ENVSEC regions and projects as well as maps and publications.

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Monday 11 Apr 2005
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