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Mediterranean Threatened by Development Pressures

Development pressures threaten to overwhelm the Mediterranean by 2025, says Blue Plan report. Study also recommends solutions for minimizing the damage (from
A 400-page report commissioned by the 21 nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea extrapolates from current trends in environment and development to paint a grim picture of the region in the year 2025. But the report also describes an alternative pathway based on the principles of sustainable development that could dramatically boost the quality of life over the coming decades.

Blue Plan“Governments need to recognize that economic and social development requires a healthy natural environment. Tough decisions and trade-offs will have to be made if the Mediterranean is to preserve the natural beauty and quality of life that have made it one of the world’s most attractive locations,” said Mohamed Ennabli, Vice-President of the Blue Plan (Plan Bleu) and Former Minister of Environment and Land Use Management in Tunisia.

The report, "A Sustainable Future for the Mediterranean: the Blue Plan’s Environment & Development Outlook", was written by some 300 experts assembled under the auspices of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Athens-based Mediterranean Action Plan. It was funded by the participating countries with special support from the European Commission, France, and the European Environment Agency. (...)

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Wednesday 05 Apr 2006
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