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Data for river basin management for the Baltic Sea Region

The final database for the transboundary Daugava/Zapadnaya Dvina and Nemunas/Neman river basins has been released from the DatabasiN project.

The DatabasiN project, has taken a transboundary and basin-wide approach at spatial information for the Daugava/Zapdnaya Dvina and Nemunas/Neman river basins. These rivers originate in Russia and Belarus and pass through Latvia and Lithuania, before reaching the Baltic Sea.

National partners in these countries have joined forced and assembled a database specifically for information management and analysis for these two basins. The data can be used by authorities for analysis, but also by a general public - in the form of interactive maps and map graphics prepared by the projects.

The project has been managed by GRID-Arendal, together with a Swedish Expert Team, providing technical support. Funding was provided by Naturvårdsverket, the Swedish Environment Protection Agency.

On the new DatabasiN website, launched late November 2007, the full database is made available for download in one archive, together with more information about the project. The map graphics display the map layers, which can also be browsed and explorer using the interactive map tools - that way one can make personal customised maps as well.

The project will be brought at a close at the final workshop, taking place in Minsk, Belarus, December 6-7 2007. During this meeting, the project experiences will be presented, assessed and evaluated, and paths for the future will be discussed.

Please visit the DatabasiN website for full details about the project and products:

(for more information, please contact Valentin Yemelin, GRID-Arendal).

over the transboundary Daugava/Zapadnaya Dvina and Nemunas/Neman river basins

Friday 30 Nov 2007
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