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Caucausus environment and development - new collection of maps and graphics

Presenting environment and human development issues in the area, as defined in the WWF action plan for the Caucasus ecoregion.

The collection Caucasus ecoregion - environment and human development issues presents 18 new maps and graphics. These have been prepared to support and enhance the transboundary and sub-regional cooperation in the mountain ecoregion of the Caucasus in the field of conservation, management and sustainable development.

The illustrations present a number of concerns related to the eco-region protection. The Caucasus eco-region includes six countries - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Russian and Turkey - and follows the eco-region definition prepared by WWF in their action plan for Caucasus.

Themes represented in the maps include:

  • Poverty and demographics
  • Agriculture
  • Roads, railroads, shipping, pipelines and other infrastructure
  • Conservation and ecological characteristics
  • Economy
  • Pollution
  • Water management

Please see the collection Caucasus ecoregion - environment and human development issues for more information and full graphics.

Pasture land in the Caucausus ecoregion Unemployment in the Caucasus ecoregion Forests in the Caucasus ecoregion

Tuesday 05 Feb 2008
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