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Announcing the project - Transboundary information system for the Dniester river basin

Creating a pilot infrastructure for river basin management for the shared river basin with Moldova and Ukraine

Transboundary water resource management is not possible without reliable information. National systems of data collection, data processing and data dissemination should be harmonized along the whole river basin, which requires the establishment of the joint information management system. The Dniester river basin, which includes 7 oblasts of Ukraine, and half of the territory of Moldova, is vitally important for Ukraine and Moldova. Both countries border the enlarged EU, so the issue is significant also in the EU context. Currently there is no systematic solution for the joint water management of the river basin. The unresolved political status of the Transnistrian region makes the task even more complicated.

The project "Transboundary information system for the Dniester river basin" deals with information management aspects of the problem. The preparation phase, which took place in 2006-07, demonstrated the feasibility of the project implementation and identified the main transboundary problems of the Dniester river basin. Commitments of the Ukraine and Moldova for project implementation were obtained, and initial conditions for information exchange were set.

The main objective of the current project phase, for 2008,  is to develop the sustainable transboundary information management system for the Dniester river basin in order to harmonize water resource management practices in Moldova and Ukraine, using principles of the EU Framework Water Directive, as well as to support joint monitoring and risk assessment activities and enhance public access to information.

The vision of the project is to facilitate the fullest possible involvement of all territories of the Dniester river basin in the joint water resources management.


Friday 08 Feb 2008
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