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The United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre will launch a new 2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership website
Cambridge, UK – The 2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership (2010 BIP) is a global initiative, funded by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) that brings together over 40 international organizations to develop biodiversity indicators and assess biodiversity loss. The 2010 BIP Secretariat, hosted by the UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre, will launch a new version of its website on the International Day for Biological Diversity: 22 May 2009.
Tuesday 26 May 2009
UNEP Head Applauds Rwandan President’s Visionary Green Economy Address
Kigali, 21 May 2009 – Putting the environment at the centre of Africa’s economic future must be a priority for the Continent, the President of the Republic of Rwanda urged today at an historic meeting of finance and environment ministers.
Thursday 21 May 2009
Developing states make it in time for the last redistribution of territory since colonial times
May 13th 2009 is the date for one of the major milestones in defining the new world ocean political map. It was until yesterday that most of the states signatories of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) had time to submit their dossiers with information on the limits of the continental shelf, the outermost maritime zone in which coastal states have sovereign rights over the seabed and its precious resources (i.e. oil, gas and mineral deposits) and its environmental richness (i.e. unique ecosystems and biodiversity).
Thursday 14 May 2009
Environment-Led Green Revolution Key to Future Food Security in Africa
NEW YORK/NAIROBI, 14 May 2009 -- Delivering food security to an additional 1 billion people in Africa will become ever more challenging over the next four decades unless more intelligent management of natural resources and emerging opportunities are brought to bear.
Thursday 14 May 2009
WHO Warns of Growing Chemical Risks to Developing World
GENEVA, 13 May – The World Health Organisation says the growing dangers posed by chemical use in developing countries are putting worsening strain on health professionals.
Wednesday 13 May 2009
Five leaders receive first-ever Green Star Awards
Brussels, 7 May 2009 – A Brazilian scientific support centre and leading Swiss laboratory are among the winners of the inaugural Green Star Awards announced in Brussels today.
Thursday 07 May 2009
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