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Cheetahs, Dolphins and Falcons Among Species Proposed for Conservation Boost Across Countries and Continents
Rome/Bonn, 28 November 2008 – Whether they are speeding across the African savannah or navigating brackish waters in Asia, some of the world’s most charismatic species need an urgent boost in international protection.
Friday 28 Nov 2008
Maximizing the Climate-Combating Benefits of the Ozone Layer Treaty Key Outcome of Qatar-Hosted Meeting
Doha/Nairobi, 21 November 2008 --Treaties combating ozone layer damage and climate change can learn from each other in order to maximize economic and environmental benefits.
Monday 24 Nov 2008
First Ozone and Pollution Monitoring Ground Station for West Asia
Qatar/Nairobi, 19 November 2008 -- An advanced cutting-edge monitoring station, able to gather crucial data on pollution linked with damage to the Earth's ozone layer is to be established in the Gulf state of Qatar it was announced today.
Thursday 20 Nov 2008
Widespread and Complex Climatic Changes Outlined in New UNEP Project Atmospheric Brown Cloud Report
Beijing/Nairobi, 13 November 2008 -- Cities from Beijing to New Delhi are getting darker, glaciers in ranges like the Himalayas are melting faster and weather systems becoming more extreme, in part, due to the combined effects of human-made Atmospheric Brown Clouds (ABCs) and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
Thursday 13 Nov 2008
Oil and gas exploration in the Eastern Caspian – a blessing or a threat? Launch of ENVSEC assessment report
A new report by the Environment and Security Initiative states that the rapid development and exploration of oil and gas in the Eastern Caspian region poses a potential threat to both environment and security.
Wednesday 12 Nov 2008
How Best to Put ‘Nature-Based Assets’ at the Top of the International Political Agenda Focus of Malaysia Meeting
Putrajaya/Nairobi, 10 November 2008 --  Countries Debate Pros and Cons of an Intergovernmental Scientific Body for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Monday 10 Nov 2008
Do You Know a 2009 Champion of the Earth?
Nairobi/World, November 2008 -- UNEP Evolves its Annual Awards to Spotlight Transformational Leaders in Environmental Policy, Business, Civil Society and Science & Technology
Friday 07 Nov 2008
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