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Deserts, Drylands and Desertification Through the Eyes of Children
Nairobi, 23 September 2005 – Children from around the world are being invited to express their hopes and fears about the future of the world's deserts and the issue of desertification in general in this year's International Painting Competition on the Environment.
Thursday 29 Sep 2005
Environment & Poverty Times: MDG Issue
Regions of the world facing the most serious decline in the services provided by ecosystems are the same areas showing the slowest progress in achieving the MDGs. Read about this and much more in issue four of the Poverty & Environment Times paper, featuring graphics, case studies and overviews on the Millennium Development Goals, environment and poverty.
Thursday 15 Sep 2005
Water for Near Half the World's Population Under Threat at the Roof of the World
Nairobi/Bangkok, 5 September 2005 - The mountains of Asia, including the mighty Himalayas, are facing accelerating threats from a rapid rise in roads, settlements, overgrazing and deforestation experts are warning in a new report.
Monday 05 Sep 2005
Poverty will make the Great Apes history
Fewer than 250 wild Sumatran orangutans may exist in fifty years, their habitat is disappearing and the devastation of the Asian tsunami has accelerated the rate of destruction.
Thursday 01 Sep 2005
Major Report Stresses Natural Resources as Path Out of Poverty
A report that challenges conventional approaches is released today at a critical moment in the battle against poverty. The report, World Resources 2005: The Wealth of the Poor: Managing Ecosystems to Fight Poverty, stresses the urgent need to look beyond aid projects, debt relief and trade reform and focus on local natural resources to address the crisis of poverty in all parts of the globe.
Thursday 01 Sep 2005
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