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First 2004 E-Learner is out
Ten of the 20 test students graduated from the GVU Global Environment Outlook course in December 2003. Read about what they thought of the course and much more in this new issue of the E-Learner.
Friday 30 Jan 2004
DHL Delivers Help for the Great Apes of Tropical Africa
Some of the most ill-equipped offices in the world, are being brought into the computer age courtesy of DHL. The company has responded to an appeal by the United Nations Great Apes Survival Project (GRASP) and is making vital, free delivery of office equipment to conservation authorities in west and central Africa.
Monday 26 Jan 2004
New global award launched in Mumbai and Davos
In India, a network of women slum dwellers is collaborating with UK engineers and a French water company to improve water delivery in their communities. Such stories are the type of innovative “partnership” that will be the focus of a new global award initiative, “The Seed Awards”, launched today at the World Social Forum in Mumbai and the World Economic Forum in Davos.The Seed Awards is issued jointly with UNEP, IUCN and Stakeholder Forum.
Wednesday 21 Jan 2004
Interactive world map now most visited GRID-Arendal web site
The interactive world map, Globalis, is now the most visited web site of the GRID-Arendal web sites. With 2600 unique visitors every day the map has become a popular tool for many GRID-Arendal visitors. Globalis is a tool which highlights the similarities and differences between the countries of this world in a simple and visual way.
Thursday 15 Jan 2004
GRID-Arendal seminar: Debate on UN's environmental tasks
GRID-Arendal hosts half a day seminar in our Stockholm office about the UN's environmental tasks 22 January, 2004. The seminar features several leading Swedish UN environmental experts, who will discuss the environmental work of the UN based on the Johannesburg 2002 meeting priorities and the future goals. There are still available places.
Saturday 10 Jan 2004
New state of the environment web sites launched for North West Russia
Fourteen million people in North West Russia have since the end of December 2003 been able to access environmental information and data about their region on the Internet. This information was previously almost impossible to get a hold of. The information is featured on 11 state of the environment web sites launched and facilitated by GRID-Arendal, the Department of the State Control for the Northwest Federal District of Russia, Russian Environmental Federal Information Agency and the Transboundary Environmental Information Agency.
Friday 09 Jan 2004
Solar Power Gift Brings Ray of Sunshine to India’s Rural Poor
Poor families in India are being given a New Year renewable energy life-line as a result of a donation by one of the world’s leading solar power companies. The donation is given to one of UNEP's collaborating centers.
Friday 09 Jan 2004
New report highlights importance of cutting greenhouse gases, UNEP says
A new report published today warning that 1 million species are threatened with extinction unless greenhouse gases are drastically reduced prompted the head of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to reiterate the importance of bringing into force the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement meant to cut emissions.
Thursday 08 Jan 2004
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