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New State of the Environment for Serbia and Montenegro online
Today a new electronic 'State of the Environment in 2000 and priorities in 2001+ for Serbia 2003' was published. This report represents an overview of the state of the environment in the Republic of Serbia and, to a larger extent, in Serbia and Montenegro. The report was produced with support from GRID-Arendal.
Monday 23 Jun 2003
Steinar Sorensen is new GRID-Arendal director
Managing Director at AkerKvaernerGEO will lead GRID-Arendal the next two years.
Monday 23 Jun 2003
AEO wins prestigious American library prize
The American Library Association has this week awarded UNEP's African Environment Outlook (AEO) report the "Eminent Government Documents" for 2002. Ecotourism and Sustainable Sports Management were two other UNEP publications in the run-up for the prize. GRID-Arendal has participated in the core production and has created the Internet version of the report.
Thursday 19 Jun 2003
Kofi Annan: the GVU will bridge the digital divide
Kofi Annan, the United Nations Secretary General, emphasised in a statement to the GVU opening June 17th in Arendal that the GVU is a fine example of bridging the digital gap in the world.
Wednesday 18 Jun 2003
Prime Minister Bondevik opened the Global Virtual University (GVU)
Virtual doors are open for international university with a focus on development and environment. Administered by GRID-Arendal together with core partners the United Nations University, the United Nations Environment Programme and Agder University College.
Tuesday 17 Jun 2003
Aust-Agder County and Arendal Municipality support the UN house
GRID-Arendal received news about yet another kind donation yesterday for the future UN house in Arendal. From 2003 to 2007 GRID-Arendal will receive a yearly donation for the building in Arendal centre. The donation comes from the Aust-Agder County in Norway and is backed up by an unanimious vote from Arendal city council that intents to provide a ten million NoK (about 1,4 million USD) interest free loan. The final decision to provide the loan will be taken in August. The money from Aust-Agder is to be spent on increasing the UN profile in the region.
Tuesday 17 Jun 2003
UNEP: Treaty on international trade in GMOs to become law
Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety will enter into force in September.
Friday 13 Jun 2003
UNEP: Young Environmentalists Meet in Russia to Agree on Actions for a Better Planet
An elite group of young people will be converging on the Russian city of Dubna in August to share their passions for a greener, cleaner world and to draw up action plans for realising an environmentally-friendly future.
Wednesday 11 Jun 2003
New GVU flyer
A short appetizing flyer about the Global Virtual University (GVU) is now available. The flyer briefly explains about the university and comes with a demo course on the Global Environment Outlook on CD-ROM. The flyer will be available from the GVU web site.
Friday 06 Jun 2003
GA Stockholm office co-hosts Food and Climate seminar today
Lena Sommestad, the Swedish Minister for the Environment and Svein Tveitdal, UNEP divisional director will be two of the speakers at the GA Stockholm office's seminar Food and Climate co-hosted with, among others, the Swedish UN Association, Coop and the City of Stockholm to celebrate World Environment Day today.
Thursday 05 Jun 2003
UNEP Urges Action to Better Manage the Globe’s Groundwaters
Many of the world’s “natural underground reservoirs” upon which two billion people depend for drinking water and irrigation are under increasing stress and strain, a new report launched on World Environment Day (WED) shows.
Thursday 05 Jun 2003
Towards sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region
This long looked-for product of many months of intense work of the entire Baltic 21 network delivers comprehensive information regarding sustainable development of the Baltic Sea Region and addresses the three dimensions of sustainable development - environmental, economic and social.
Thursday 05 Jun 2003
UNEP: Shopping for a better world
From the cat-walk to the consumer the world’s leading fashion designers and retail giants could play a major role in saving the planet. UNEP targets them in a new initiative.
Wednesday 04 Jun 2003
New initiative to combat growing global menace of environmental crime
UNEP launches “Green Customs” project to help customs officers beat illegal trade in chemicals, hazardous wastes and endangered species.
Monday 02 Jun 2003
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