Press releases

Twenty five million dollars is urgently needed to lift the threat of imminent extinction from humankind’s closest living relatives, delegates to an international crisis meeting on the great apes were told today at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. UNEP and UNESCO call emergency meeting to save the great apes.
Wednesday 26 Nov 2003
GIS Day 2003 - The annual day to spread awareness on maps and geography. GRID-Arendal has participated together with the UN-Association of Norway to produce challenges for school pupils in using the Globalis interactive map.
Wednesday 19 Nov 2003
The new book Environmental Information in European Transboundary Water Management was co-written by several of GRID-Arendal staff. The book aims to examine the role of information in transboundary river basin and water management, and the way it is used in policy and decision-making within the European area.
Monday 17 Nov 2003
The OSCE and two UN agencies today agreed on new efforts to fight environmental threats to security. Under an agreement signed in Vienna Friday 14th, the three international organizations will jointly adress problems such as water scarcity, hazardous waste, soil degradation and pollution.
Monday 17 Nov 2003
Smogs, more intense sunlight and declining ski conditions are among the growing environmental changes worrying sport men and women, according to an international survey.
Thursday 13 Nov 2003
As the students at the GVU pilot course have begun their online discussions, the GVU team has received comments on what is good and what needs to improve. Exactly as expected this process is vital for the next student beginning the GVU. You can read about the process in the fourth issue of the E-Learner as well as other articles and up coming GVU events.
Wednesday 12 Nov 2003
Children are being urged to pick up their paint brushes to capture on canvas the beauty, romance and threats to the marine world. Today the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Foundation for Global Peace are launching the Thirteenth Global Painting Contest with the theme ‘Seas and Oceans’.
Wednesday 05 Nov 2003
A major new effort to improve the way the world deals with chemicals begins this weekend in Bangkok, Thailand. More than 500 delegates from environment, health, agriculture, industry, labour, foreign affairs and development sectors will participate in the meeting from 9 to 13 November. It aims to develop a "strategic approach to international chemicals management" (SAICM), initiated last year by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and endorsed at the World Summit on Sustainable Development.
Wednesday 05 Nov 2003
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