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Masai Women in Drought-Busting Water Project
UNEP Today Hands Over Low Cost Rainwater Harvesting to Kenyan Pastoralists
Friday 27 Sep 2002
"Jaws" Wins Tough New Protection from Human Predators
Nations Agree to Conserve Scores of Species from the Great White to a Blind Dolphin
Wednesday 25 Sep 2002
Camels Able to Survive on Salt Water and Sandals Likely to Get Conservation Boost
The Fate of 36 Migratory Species, Including the Wild Bactrian Camel, the World's Largest Fish and the Amazonian Manatee, To Be Decided by Over 100 Countries
Wednesday 18 Sep 2002
UNEP to assess environmental damage in Afghanistan
Five teams totalling 20 Afghani and international scientists and experts will depart Kabul today to collect samples and examine sites around the country in the first-ever effort to assess how 30 years of conflict have affected Afghanistan's environment.
Thursday 12 Sep 2002
Water for African Cities
While 1.1 billion people or 18 per cent of the world's population lack access to safe drinking water, in many African cities, up to 50 per cent of the water is wasted through leakages or is unaccounted for, while many water sources are being polluted. What is worse, bucket for bucket, the poor often pay up to fifty times as much as the rich for this precious resource.
Wednesday 04 Sep 2002
Work Man Like Plan Agreed to Fight Against Poverty and Fight for Sustainable Development Says Klaus Toepfer
Nations Accept Environment's Key Role in Delivering a Healthier and Cleaner World
Wednesday 04 Sep 2002
Massive Destruction of Great Ape Habitats Likely Over the Next 30 Years Unless Current Trends Reversed
News Comes as UK Government, United Nations Foundation and International Fund for Animal Welfare Give Cash Backing to GRASP Partnership
Tuesday 03 Sep 2002
Putting Energy into Sustainable Development - UNEP launches new Global Clean Energy Network at Johannesburg World Summit
The goal of bringing new and less polluting energy sources to billions of deprived people around the world came a step closer today as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launched a pioneering global network of "sustainable energy" centres.
Sunday 01 Sep 2002
New Global Virtual University to promote environmental and development education.
Norway grants NOK 15 million (US$2 million) to a new United Nations University (UNU) branch hosted at GRID-Arendal
Sunday 01 Sep 2002
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