Press releases

Report Finds NGOs and Community Based Organizations Can Work Together to Jumpstart and Sustain New Energy Enterprises
Friday 30 Aug 2002
Launch of a new partnership between UN-HABITAT and the Asian Development Bank
Friday 30 Aug 2002
Environmental information on the Arctic region in an interactive map on the Internet since December 2000. The map has been updated with a new interface, more extensive data themes and new features.
Friday 23 Aug 2002
Biggest Gathering of its Kind Comes Days Before Crucial World Summit on Sustainable Development
Sunday 18 Aug 2002
The Environment & Poverty Times aims to explain the complex links between poverty and the environment. It shows, through short texts, maps and other illustrations, some of the manifestations of poverty and environmental conditions. It explains how environmental degradation contributes to poverty and how poor people are trapped in such a cycle. And it provides references to key publications and initiatives on sustainable development and poverty alleviation.
Saturday 17 Aug 2002
UN Calls on World Leaders to Commit to a Sustainable Future at Upcoming Johannesburg Summit
Tuesday 13 Aug 2002
"Sneaking" road development and climate change is rapidly making the Arctic more accessible to oil, gas and mineral exploration.
Tuesday 13 Aug 2002
An international network of Arctic universities now cooperate with global organisations for improved access and more efficient dissemination of environmental information.
Monday 12 Aug 2002
Growing Threats to Food Security and Human Health in South Asia Challenges World Leaders at World Summit on Sustainable Development. The spectacular economic growth seen in this part of the world in the past decade may soon falter as a result of the "Asian Brown Haze".
Monday 12 Aug 2002
The agreement by donor countries in Washington DC yesterday to increase their support to a multibillion-dollar environment fund, the Global Environment Facility (GEF), is an important boost for the World Summit on Sustainable Development the head of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) said today.
Thursday 08 Aug 2002
Delivering environmentally-friendly development is vital for delivering a more stable world, a key member of the United States administration argues in the upcoming edition of the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) Our Planet magazine.
Monday 05 Aug 2002
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