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Finland Ranks Highest in Environmental Index; U.S. Lags (CIESIN press release)
New Environmental Performance Study Complements Annual Sustainability Ranking
Thursday 31 Jan 2002
New Money From Ireland For Africa's Environment
Three million Euros over three years: Ireland Aid becomes Important new donor to UNEP.A recently launched project managed by UNEP's GRID Arendal centre in Norway will strengthen the capacity of African countries in environmental information management in support of national, regional and global environmental assessment.
Thursday 31 Jan 2002
Pioneering Conservation and Tourism Project Wins
New funding helps kick-start International Year of Ecotourism
Thursday 24 Jan 2002
Chemicals, Strengthening UNEP and Modernising the World's Environmental Machinery Key Issues at Global Environment Talks
Environment Ministers Meet in Colombia on the Road to the World Summit on Sustainable Development
Monday 21 Jan 2002
Largest Ever World Wide Project to Promote Biosafety Launched by UNEP
A multi-million dollar project to help developing countries assess the potential risks and rewards from genetically engineered crops will be at the centre of an African Regional Workshop on biosafety that opens today.
Wednesday 16 Jan 2002
Global Ecosystems Study Opens Secretariat in Malaysia
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announced the opening of the secretariat for a worldwide project to evaluate the Earth's ecosystems, which will provide government leaders and experts authoritative information on the global environment.
Tuesday 15 Jan 2002
Trade, Poverty at Heart of Environment and Development Challenge
UNEP Executive Director Klaus Toepfer today urged flexibility in tackling the challenges of poverty alleviation, environmental protection and managing economic globalisation.
Sunday 13 Jan 2002
Coral or no coral? It's my choice
UNEP launches new communication tools to help protect coral reefs
Friday 11 Jan 2002
EEA draws key lessons from history on using precaution in policy-making
Twelve key lessons for decision-making have emerged from a ground-breaking analysis by the European Environment Agency of cases - from the damaging of the ozone layer by CFC chemicals to the "mad cow" disease epidemic - where public policy was formulated against a background of scientific uncertainty or surprise developments, or where clear evidence of hazards to people and the environment was ignored.
Thursday 10 Jan 2002
World wind generating capacity jumps 31 percent in 2001
Preliminary data show world wind electric generating capacity climbing from 17,800 megawatts in 2000 to an estimated 23,300 megawatts in 2001--a dramatic one-year gain of 5,500 megawatts or 31 percent. As generating costs continue to fall and as public concern about climate change escalates, the world is fast turning to wind for its electricity.
Thursday 10 Jan 2002
A new Habitat for the new millennium
General Assembly resolution elevates the Commission on Human Settlements to the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, to be known as UN-Habitat
Wednesday 02 Jan 2002
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