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Up To Two Billion Tonnes Of Carbon Dioxide Saved By Cleaner Energy Schemes By 2005
Nairobi/London, 29 June 2001 - Voluntary actions by industry, governments and organizations are leading to small but significant reductions in emissions of global warming gases world-wide, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Energy Council (WEC) said.
Friday 29 Jun 2001
Ship Dismantling Industry Set To Go Green
Geneva/Nairobi, 19 June 2001 - International experts on hazardous wastes and shipping are joining forces in Geneva today under the auspices of the Basel Convention on the Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal to start finalizing international Guidelines for the environmentally safe dismantling of obsolete ships.
Tuesday 19 Jun 2001
Climate talks formally resumed in Bonn
Bonn, 16 June 2001 - The Sixth Session of the Conference of the Parties to the Climate Change Convention was suspended last November in The Hague. The COP was expected to reopen this coming Thursday following several days of informal talks. However, the President and the Bureau (Executive Board) decided last night that replacing the informals with an early resumption of the COP would give greater momentum to the negotiations.
Saturday 16 Jun 2001
Det meste av Arktis' natur vil være skadet av menneskelig aktivitet i 2050
Rovaniemi/Arendal/Nairobi, 11 June 2001 - Nærmere 80% av polarområdene vil være berørt av gruvedrift, leteboring etter olje-og gass, havner, veier og annen næringsaktivitet i år 2050, hvis industrialiseringen av en av verdens siste store villmarksområder fortsetter i samme fart som nå.
Monday 11 Jun 2001
Most Of Arctic Affected By Human Activities By 2050
Rovaniemi/Arendal/Nairobi, 11 June 2001 - Up to 80 per cent of the Arctic will be affected by mining, oil and gas exploration, ports, roads and other developments by 2050 if the industrialization of one of the world's last wilderness areas continues at current rates.
Monday 11 Jun 2001
Rice research - the way forward
World Environment Day June 5, 2001 - Los Baños, Philippines The Philippines-based International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is marking World Environment Day on June 5 with the release of an important report on the role of rice research in feeding half the planet while at the same time protecting the environment.
Tuesday 05 Jun 2001
New Voice for the Global Environment
Torino, Italy, 5 June 2001 - An initiative to improve the global environment and support sustainable development by promoting business practices and technologies that saves energy, minimizes waste and helps bridge the "digital divide" is being launched here in Torino on the occasion of World Environment Day.
Tuesday 05 Jun 2001
United Nations Launches Extensive Study of Earth's Ecosystems
United Nations, NY, June 5, 2001 - Today, World Environment Day, the United Nations, scientific groups, governments, foundations, and other international agencies, launched the most extensive study of the state of the world's ecosystems. Called the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), it will examine the processes that support life on earth like the world's grasslands, forests, rivers and lakes, farmlands, and oceans. The $21 million , four-year effort will involve 1,500 of the world's leading scientists.
Tuesday 05 Jun 2001
FN starter omfattende utredning av verdens √łkosystemer
FN, New York, 5 juni 2001 - I dag, på verdens miljødag, lanserer FN, forskergrupper, regjeringer, stiftelser og andre internasjonale institusjoner den hittil mest omfattende utredning av verdens økosystemer Utredningen heter "Millennium Ecosystem Assessment" (MA), eller "Millenium-rapport om verdens økosystemer", og skal pågå i fire år. Prosjektet skal studere de økosystemene som er nødvendige for å opprettholde livsprosessene på jorda, som beitemarker, skoger, elver og sjøer, jordbruksland og hav. Prosjektet har et budsjett på 21 millioner amerikanske dollar og 1500 ledende forskere fra hele verden vil delta.
Tuesday 05 Jun 2001
New Web-portal "food" To Protect Environment And Health
Paris/Vienna/Nairobi, 4 June 2001 - To enable developing countries to efficiently and cost-effectively phase out an extremely toxic and ozone depleting pesticide - methyl bromide, 58 projects in 36 countries have been financed by the Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol. A new collaborative web-portal between the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) called FOOD (Free Of Ozone Depletion) for a Healthy Planet has been set up to communicate the results of these demonstration projects.
Monday 04 Jun 2001
UNCHS (Habitat) launches report on urban conditions and trends
New York, 4 June 2001 - Most United Nations reports focus on country-level analyses of human development. Now, for the first time, the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) has released a report focusing exclusively on city-level analyses of a wide range of urban issues. The State of the World's Cities Report 2001 is a first in-depth attempt to monitor, analyze and report on the realities faced by urban populations around the world. The report was produced by UNCHS (Habitat) to coincide with the Istanbul + 5 Special Session of the UN General Assembly, which takes place in New York this week.
Monday 04 Jun 2001
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