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Living In A Pollution - Free World A Basic Human Right
Geneva/Nairobi, 27 April 2001 - Everyone has the right to live in a world free from toxic pollution and environmental degradation, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights has concluded.
Friday 27 Apr 2001
Informal climate change talks to convene 21 April in NY
21 April, New York - Mr. Jan Pronk, Chairman of the international negotiations on climate change, has invited some 40 ministers and senior officials to attend informal talks in New York on Saturday, 21 April 2001. The meeting will take stock of the political situation since the suspension of negotiations in The Hague last November and seek to advance preparations for the resumed sixth session of the Conference of the Parties, which will be held in Bonn during the period 16 - 27 July. The 21 April meeting is closed to the press.
Saturday 21 Apr 2001
Workshop on a Virtual University for Environmental Sustainability in Arendal, Norway
18 Apr 2001 - On 23-25 April, the United Nations University (UNU) will participate in a "Workshop on Virtual University for Environmental Sustainability" co-organized with UNEP/GRID Arendal in Norway.
Wednesday 18 Apr 2001
Bycatch Limits Needed To Conserve Europe's Dolphins and Porpoises
Nairobi/Bonn, 14 April 2001 - Limits on the numbers of dolphins and porpoises accidentally killed in fishing nets are urgently needed if healthy populations are to be restored to the North Sea. The recommendation is being made by members of an international conservation treaty backed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
Saturday 14 Apr 2001
Urban Governance for exploding cities
Kuala Lumpur. April 10 - The people are familiar with the futuristic doomsday landscape of cities choked with garbage, rivers of waste and citizens struggling to survive in makeshift shelters. The reality is that this future has already been played out, in countless cities throughout the world, particularly in the developing countries where population growth continues.
Tuesday 10 Apr 2001
Hederlig omtale til Miljøstatus i Norge
05 Apr 2001 - Miljøstatus i Norge ble som den eneste offentlige nettjenesten nominert til "Årets nettside 2000". Norsk kommunikasjonsforening ga Miljøstatus hederlig omtale for god kommunikasjon og tjenesteyting overfor sine målgrupper.
Thursday 05 Apr 2001
Barents Interactive Map Server
05 Apr 2001 - This interactive map server over the Euro-Arctic Barents Region displays modeled human impact on wilderness. The model was based on maps of railroads, roads, settlements and utilities and created in a radius out from these features. In addition forested area was tested as a 'brake' for the impact distance.
Thursday 05 Apr 2001
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