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Governments postpone adoption of biosafety treaty
Cartagena/Nairobi, 24 February 1999 - Officials from 138 governments suspended talks in Cartagena, Columbia, today when they were unable to finalize the text of a legally binding protocol on reducing risks related to the transboundary movement of living modified organisms (LMOs).
Tuesday 23 Feb 1999
CITES to permit highly controlled sales of existing ivory stocks from Namibia and Zimbabwe
Nairobi, 11 February 1999- The Standing Committee of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) agreed yesterday to allow Namibia and Zimbabwe to each go forward with a single shipment of existing ivory stocks to Japan. The money from the sales will go to support conservation and community development projects in the two elephant range states.
Monday 15 Feb 1999
Governments to finalize and adopt biosafety protocol
Nairobi/MontrealL, 10 February 1999 - Some 170 governments are meeting in Cartagena, Colombia from 15 to 23 February to finalize and adopt a legally-binding agreement on reducing any potential risks resulting from the transboundary movement of living modified organisms (LMOs). Created through modern biotechnology techniques, LMOs promise enormous benefits for agriculture, medicine, and other fields. At the same time, many people are concerned about the possible risks to biological diversity and human health of introducing LMOs into the environment.
Wednesday 10 Feb 1999
Tourism and the environment: Enemies or allies?
Nairobi, 4 February 1999 - Dr. Richard Leakey, Director of the Kenya Wildlife Service, will today chair a round table to be attended by participants at the twentieth Governing Council session of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) at its headquarters in Gigiri. The panellists will discuss the challenges of sustainable tourism and the approach needed to develop tourism while protecting and maintaining a healthy environment.
Monday 08 Feb 1999
UNEP, Guardian of the Global Environment, Governments agree increased budget for UNEP and endorse organisational reform as 20th Governing Council ends today
Nairobi, 5 February 1999 - At the end of the 20th session of the Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme, governments have given a clear signal that UNEP is, and must continue to be, (in the words of UNEP Executive Director Klaus Toepfer), "the guardian of the global environment". Ministers and senior officials from over 100 countries attended the Council meeting, which adopted important decisions on UNEP's programme of work, administration and budget.
Monday 08 Feb 1999
Globalisation, civil society and governance:
03 February 1999 - The Challenges for the 21st Century by Anil Agarwal (Director, CSE)
Wednesday 03 Feb 1999
Telecom giants to brief UNEP governing council on industry environmental achievements and challenges
Nairobi, 3 February 1999 - Senior officials from the telecommunications industry, world leaders in innovative technologies, will be taking part in a special round table discussion on Thursday, 4 February, during this week's session of the Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The round table will provide a unique opportunity for the industry to highlight its environmental achievements and challenges to the assembled Environment Ministers and other key decision-makers that make up the 58-member Council.
Wednesday 03 Feb 1999
UNEP report highlights environmental impact of recent fire disasters
Nairobi, February 1999 - Over the past two years, many small- scale wildfires have quickly escalated into large-scale, uncontrolled disasters, with enormous environmental and human consequences, according to a new report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). One of the report's most important findings is that the gaseous and particulate emissions from the 1997 fires in Kalimantan and Sumatra in Indonesia significantly exceeded the emissions from the Kuwaiti oil fires of 1991, another major environmental catastrophe of exceptional proportions.
Tuesday 02 Feb 1999
UNEP initiates assistance to countries with economies in transititon to expedite their compliance with the Montreal Protocol
Nairobi, January 1999 - A major initiative was taken to assist Countries with Economies in Transition (CEITs) to enable them to be in compliance with the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. Two Regional Workshops aimed towards this objective were concluded, one at Bratislava (9 to 11 December 1998) and the other one in Kiev (14-16 December 1998).
Tuesday 02 Feb 1999
60 million dollars for the global environmental voice - is that to much to ask for?
Nairobi, 1 February 1999- Delivering his policy statement today at the opening of the 20th session of UNEP's Governing Council, UN Environment Programme Executive Director, Klaus Toepfer, said that the realisation of his vision for UNEP "requires dedication and a spirit of cooperation from all of us. It requires adequate financial funding for the programme of work. And, most important of all, it requires a strong backing and cooperation from the environment ministries of the world, the NGOs, business and industry."
Monday 01 Feb 1999
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