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Children demand closer international cooperation in environmental problems
Oslo, 30 November 1998 - Norwegian Pollution Control Authority today opens State of the Environment For Norway on the Internet.
Saturday 28 Nov 1998
Cairo ministerial meeting links climate change and ozone solutions
Cairo/Nairobi, 24 November 1998- Ministers and government experts from over 100 countries have gathered in Cairo to strengthen international efforts to reverse the destruction of the Earth's protective ozone layer.
Tuesday 24 Nov 1998
GRID-Arendal releases free MapInfo data of the Baltic Sea Region
Arendal, 18 November 1998- GRID-Arenda one of the environmental data and information centres under the United Nations Environment Programme, has recently released its popular Baltic Sea region GIS database in MapInfo format.
Wednesday 18 Nov 1998
Climate change meeting adopts Buenos Aires plan of action
Buenos Aires, 15 November 1998- A two-week meeting in Buenos Aires of 170 governments concluded on 14 November with the adoption of a two-year Plan of Action to reduce the risk of global climate change.
Tuesday 17 Nov 1998
UNEP hosts regional workshop on industrial transformation in Africa. Nairobi, 16-17 November 1998
Nairobi, 16 November 1998- About 30 selected experts with rich and diverse knowledge in the field of industry and related subjects are meeting (16-17 November) at the headquarters of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for a workshop on industrial transformation in Africa.
Monday 16 Nov 1998
Air Pollution in Beijing Still Not under Control
Beijing November, 11 Xinhau- The Chinese capital of Beijing, the largest coal-user among the world capitals, does not have air pollution under effective control, said Qu Geping, China's most authoritative environmental expert, here today.
Saturday 14 Nov 1998
Environment ministers welcome efforts on the reform of the United Nations Environment Programme
Buenos Aires/Nairobi, 10 November 1998- Over two hundred delegates including thirty environment ministers attended the third meeting of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) High-level Committee of Ministers and Officials in Buenos Aires. The meeting, held on the margins of the Fourth Conference to the Parties (COP-4) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), focused on UNEP's contribution to the next meeting of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), the ongoing reform of UNEP, as well as important issues related to the environmental aspects of oceans, tourism and other issues.
Wednesday 11 Nov 1998
Central America: Quality of Environmental Quality Shows Rapid Decline
Washington, November 3, 1998- At the same time that Central America had developed ecological reserves, the environmental quality of the biologically-diverse region was in rapid decline, according to "State of Environment," a joint report by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the United Nations, and international financial institutions.
Friday 06 Nov 1998
EU Vows to Continue Fight Against Climate Change
Brussels, October 30 1998, Xinhau- The European Union (EU) will continue to take a leading role in making efforts to continue the fight against climate change and to protect environment, said the European Commission here Friday.
Wednesday 04 Nov 1998
Continued collaboration required to ensure results from Buenos Aires Climate talks
Buenos Aires/Nairobi, 3 November 1998- On the opening day of the Climate Change Treaty talks yesterday in Buenos Aires, the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Klaus Toepfer, called for effective cooperation and collaboration among all players, in order to "repair the environment and forestall a climate catastrophe."
Wednesday 04 Nov 1998
Insurers urge use of market incentives to address climate change and call for clear frameworks for private sector involvement
Buenos Aires/Nairobi, 3 November 1998- Insurance executives, speaking on behalf of about 80 insurers from around the world, will address climate change negotiators here in Buenos Aires and urge for feasible and applicable market incentives to reverse the current trends in climate change. With annual revenues of over US$2 trillion, the concerns of the insurance industry will be hard to ignore.
Wednesday 04 Nov 1998
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