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US Federal Agencies Enhance Support to UNEP's North American Environmental Data and Information Programme
Nairobi, 20 January 1998 -A ceremony was held at UNEP headquarters today to publicly recognize the recent decision of several federal agencies of the United States Government to increase their support to the North American node of the Global Resource Information Database of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP/GRID) for the next five years -- 1998-2002.
Tuesday 20 Jan 1998
Agreement on the protection of the Antarctic environment enters into force
Nairobi, 14 January 1998- The Madrid Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty enters into force today, following ratification by the 26 Antarctic Treaty Consultative Parties.
Tuesday 13 Jan 1998
International day of biological diversity 29 December. Meeting goals of biodiversity convention is not mission impossible, but "Mission impossible to ignore"
29 December 1997- Today, the United Nations and its Members States observe the fourth anniversary of the entry into force of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The day is worthy of observation: the Convention is the centrepiece of the international community's efforts to conserve and make sustainable use of some of the earth's greatest riches. More significantly, the Convention seeks to enhance the equitable sharing of benefits derived from the use of this biotic wealth.
Friday 02 Jan 1998
Making good decisions: How to use UNEP IE's Ozonaction clearinghouse
December 1997- Since 1991, the UNEP IE (United Nations Environment Programme - Industry and Environment office) OzonAction Programme under the Multilateral Fund has been strengthening the capacity of National Ozone Units (NOUs) and industry in developing countries to make informed decisions on technology and policy options to help them meet their obligations under the Montreal Protocol to phase out ozone depleting substances (ODS).
Friday 02 Jan 1998
Identifying alternative solvents to protect the ozone layer:
December 1997- With the phase-out deadlines having passed for developed countries for CFCs (1 January 1996), there is a wealth of phase-out experience in companies that have met technical challenges and successfully overcome them. Now the need is to transfer that hands-on knowledge base to developing countries, who must use the experience from those success stories to implement their own ODS phase-out projects.
Friday 02 Jan 1998
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