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Nordic Policy Seminar on Arctic Development and Environmental Challenges
December 1996 - Based on efforts to promote co-operation on Arctic issues by parliamentarians, government officials and experts, the seminar focused on decision-making processes and the resulting priority needs for information to formulate future policies which will have impact in the Arctic. Special emphasis was given to the role of the parliamentarians in the decision-making process and their information needs.
Wednesday 18 Dec 1996
Nine CEIT Countries met in Riga and declared continued commitment to Ozone layer protection
December 1996- The United Nations Environment Programme, Industry and Environment's OzonAction Programme organized a two-day 'Intergovernmental Consultative Meeting of High-Ranking Officials of Countries with Economies in Transition (CEITs) on the Montreal Protocol' in Riga, Latvia on 4-5 November 1996. The meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Environment and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia, supported by UNDP, and funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).
Monday 25 Nov 1996
The Environmental Dimension - a vital factor in achieving global food security
Rome, 13 November 1996 - World leaders are meeting here today, to renew their commitment to the eradication of hunger and malnutrition, and the achievement of lasting food security for all.
Wednesday 13 Nov 1996
Chemicals meeting ends with extensive progress toward chemical convention
Nairobi, 20 September 1996 - As some 87 governments ended a week-long meeting in Nairobi today, the stage is now set for a global convention on the trade in dangerous chemicals and pesticides next year.
Friday 20 Sep 1996
The task of protecting the ozone layer is far from over
Nairobi, September 1996- From the beginning of this year, the production and consumption of chloroflurocarbons (CFCs) and many other chemicals, once hailed as miraculous until it was discovered they were destroying the Earth's protective ozone layer, have been phased out by all industrialized countries, save for small, permitted, essential uses. Developing countries have a grace period to follow suit. The Multilateral Fund, created in 1991, has so far disbursed about $US 500 million to assist developing countries to implement the Montreal Protocol.
Monday 16 Sep 1996
Co-operation between EEA and UNEP on environmental information systems in Central and Eastern Europe
European Environment Agency Copenhagen, 10 June, 1996 -Hans Alders, the Regional Director of UNEP, and Domingo Jimenez Beltran, the Executive Director of the European Environment Agency, have agreed on a new phase of co-operation to co-ordinate their Agencies’ activities in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).
Monday 10 Jun 1996
GRID-Arendal honoured at the Princes’ Award ceremony in Copenhagen on World Environment Day fifth of June
05 Jun 1996 - The award was handed over to the GRID-Arendal Director, Mr Svein Tveitdal by the two patrons:
Wednesday 05 Jun 1996
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