Press releases

UNEP is recommending that a scientific assessment of sites targeted with weapons containing depleted uranium (DU) be conducted in Iraq as soon as conditions permit.
Monday 07 Apr 2003
Air pollution from Baghdad fires poses risks for human health and the environment, says UNEP.
Monday 31 Mar 2003
The just division of the continental shelf is on the programme when GRID-Arendal this week hosts an international workshop for the United Nations Convention on Ocean's and Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).
Monday 31 Mar 2003
Svein Tveitdal, managing director of GRID-Arendal, has been appointed to the position of Director of the Division of Environmental Conventions (DEC) and the Division of Environmental Policy Implementation (DEPI) in UNEP effective from June 1st 2003.
Friday 28 Mar 2003
UNEP's Post Conflict Assessment Unit (PCAU) has initiated a Desk Study of the environment in Iraq, aimed at providing a rapid and timely overview of key environmental issues in the context of the current conflict.
Friday 28 Mar 2003
Low-level DU contamination found in Bosnia and Herzegovina, UNEP calls for precaution.
Tuesday 25 Mar 2003
‘Garden of Eden’ in Southern Iraq Likely to Disappear Completely in Five Years Unless Urgent Action Taken. UNEP Says Post-War Rehabilitation Should Include the Marshlands of Mesopotamia for the Sake of People and Wildlife.
Saturday 22 Mar 2003
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) today announced that its Post Conflict Assessment Unit (PCAU) has initiated a desk study of the environment in Iraq.
Friday 21 Mar 2003
Around 150 river basins, upon which millions of people depend for drinking water, irrigation and in some cases energy, could be the flashpoints for future disputes unless urgent action is taken.
Wednesday 19 Mar 2003
Higher education on the Internet breaks down barriers to education. Makerere University in Uganda is the newest teaching partner in a UN initiative to create a Global Virtual University (GVU). Read about this and more in the GVU bi-monthly newsletter: The e-Learner.
Saturday 01 Mar 2003
Roles of partner universities, the online pedagogy and the technology intended to be used at the new UN Global Virtual University (GVU) are all topics explained and discussed in this new brochure: The Global Virtual University, e-Learning for a sustainable future.
Saturday 01 Mar 2003
UNEP Governing Council 3-7 February 2003: Environment for Development
Friday 07 Feb 2003
Environment minister appeals for international assistance
Thursday 06 Feb 2003
Mercury poisoning of the planet could be significantly reduced by curbing pollution from power stations.
Monday 03 Feb 2003
A global assessment of mercury pollution and the environmental condition of conflict areas, from the Middle East to Afghanistan, will be among the crucial issues to be discussed by a global gathering of environment ministers.
Friday 31 Jan 2003
Award-winning journalists from five countries participated in an environmental journalism workshop in Kazakhstan, producing twenty stories in Russian and English.
Thursday 30 Jan 2003
Afghan authorities cooperate in developing green agenda for reconstruction efforts.
Wednesday 29 Jan 2003
Young People from Africa Join Youth from Across the Globe at UNEP's Governing Council.
Tuesday 28 Jan 2003
Nairobi, January 2003 - A report on the environmental situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories was today published on the Internet.
Thursday 23 Jan 2003
Voluntary Initiative, Born Out of WSSD, Set to Deliver Major Health and Environmental Benefits to Continent's 800 Million Citizens.
Wednesday 22 Jan 2003
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