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UNU International Conference on Synergies and Coordination between Multilateral Environment Agreements
Tokyo, Japan, 14 July 1999 - Statement by Mr. Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director, UNEP, at the UNU International Conference on Synergies and Coordination between Multilateral Environment Agreements.
Tuesday 03 Aug 1999
The Balkans conflict: Assessing the environmental impact of the worst damaged industrial sites
27 Jul 1999 - UNEP-led Balkans Task Force Mission Leaves Yugoslavia
Tuesday 27 Jul 1999
UNEP/HABITAT Balkans Task Force experts leave for Serbia and Kosovo
Geneva/Nairobi, 16 July 1999 - Three teams of international experts from the joint UN Environment Programme (UNEP)/UN Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) Balkans Task Force (BTF) leave for Serbia and Kosovo this weekend, to begin work on an independent assessment of the environmental and human settlements impacts of the Balkans conflict.
Monday 19 Jul 1999
GRID-Arendal 10 år i år
14 Jul 1999 - Gro Harlem Brundtland til Arendal 23. august for å delta i feiringen av miljøsenteret GRID-Arendal som er en del av FNs miljøprogram UNEP feirer i år sitt ti-års jubileum. Dette vil bli markert med et heldags-seminar om helse og miljø 23. august i Arendal.
Wednesday 14 Jul 1999
GRID-Arendal 10 years this year
14 Jul 1999 - Gro Harlem Brundtland to Arendal 23. August to participate in the celebration of the environment center GRID-Arendal, a part of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) this year celebrates its ten years' anniversary. A one-day seminar on health and environment will mark the occasion on the 23rd of August in Arendal.
Wednesday 14 Jul 1999
UNEP and partners step up efforts to combat illegal trade and other related environmental crimes
Nairobi/Geneva, 9 July 1999 - Environmental crime is becoming a serious global problem, even though the immediate consequences of an offence may not be obvious or severe. Environmental crimes do have victims. The cumulative costs in environmental damage and the long-range toll in illness, injury, death and extinction of biodiversity and continued depletion of the ozone layer may be considerable.
Monday 12 Jul 1999
UNEP announces meeting to develop tour operator initiative for sustainable tourism development
Paris/Nairobi, July 1999 - The first meeting of tour operators to develop the Tour Operator Initiative for Sustainable Tourism Development was hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), through its Division of Technology, Industry and Economics in Paris, on 21 and 22 June 1999. Fourteen tours operators, as well as representatives from non-governmental organizations, industry associations and national and local public authorities participated in the meeting.
Monday 12 Jul 1999
Russia, other CIS states to focus on management of past, future toxic problems at expert meetings
Nairobi/Geneva, 1 July 1999 - Russia and other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) are recognizing that they face major hurdles in overcoming the legacy of inadequate management of toxic substances and instituting environmentally sound practices, and they are working with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Chemicals to deal with the situation.
Thursday 01 Jul 1999
UNEP and European Commission host talks on the international response to environmental rehabilitation in the Balkans
Nairobi, 23 June 1999 - The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) jointly convened a meeting in Brussels today with the European Commission, to discuss the coordination of the international response to the environmental rehabilitation effort in the Balkans.
Thursday 24 Jun 1999
Statement by Mr. Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director UNEP, at the Oxford University European Affairs Society
London, U.K., 15 June 1999 - When Walter Jetz, the President-Elect of the Oxford European Affairs Society, invited me to address the society I accepted the invitation with some enthusiasm. Friends informed me that it is very much an intellectual compliment to be invited by this society. The European Affairs Society has become known as an impartial forum for discussions on issues facing Europe.
Thursday 24 Jun 1999
Third World Health Organisation Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health
22 Jun 1999 - Statement by Mr. Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director, UNEP, at the Third World Health Organisation Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health.
Tuesday 22 Jun 1999
South Pacific Islands meet to develop regional strategy to implement Montreal Protocol
Nairobi, June 1999 - Eight island countries from the South Pacific held consultations recently in Geneva to agree upon a regional strategy to expedite implementation of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. They met in the margins of the meeting of the Open-Ended Working Group of the Parties to the Protocol, from 15-18 June 1999.
Tuesday 22 Jun 1999
Officials meet to prepare Basel Convention conference
Geneva/Nairobi, 21 June 1999 - Diplomats from up to 100 countries are meeting in Geneva from 21 - 25 June to set the stage for the Fifth Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP-5) to the Basel Convention on the Control of the Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal.
Tuesday 22 Jun 1999
Convention on Migratory Species marks 20 years of global action
Bonn/Nairobi, 23 June 1999 - Twenty years ago today, diplomats and conservationists assembled in Bonn to adopt a global agreement for reversing the dramatic world-wide declines in migratory animals such as the Siberian crane, White-tailed eagle, Hawksbill turtle, Mediterranean monk seal, Dama gazelle, and many others.
Tuesday 22 Jun 1999
UNEP and Habitat Welcome G8 Cologne Debt Relief Initiativ
Nairobi, 21 June 1999 - Speaking to the press here today, Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director of the Nairobi-based United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Acting Executive Director of the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) said he welcomed the debt relief plan agreed to by world leaders at the G8 Summit in Cologne, Germany, last weekend.
Monday 21 Jun 1999
Experts agree to criteria, procedure for adding persistent organic pollutants to global POPs treaty
Vienna/Nairobi, 18 June 1999 - Scientific criteria and a procedural process for adding other persistent organic pollutants, or POPs, to the initial list of 12* identified for global action were agreed to by an expert group meeting in Vienna 14-18 June 1999.
Friday 18 Jun 1999
UNEP leads international efforts to assess environmental impact of Balkans conflict
London, 16 June 1999/Reissued Nairobi, 17 June 1999 - A team from the joint UNEP/UNCHS (Habitat) Balkans Task Force on Environment and Human Settlements, will soon travel to Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro, to start work on providing a detailed assessment of the environmental impact of the Balkans conflict, United Nations Under-Secretary-General Klaus Toepfer announced here today.
Thursday 17 Jun 1999
UNEP executive director urges global action on dioxin and other POPs
Nairobi/Geneva, 11 June 1999 - Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), today warned that dioxin is a concern for all countries, not just Europe.
Friday 11 Jun 1999
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