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German Government invests $18 million to support clean energy and climate change adaptation
Nairobi – Germany today boosted its funding for the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) earmarking $18 million for the organization’s work on clean energy and climate proofing vulnerable economies.
Friday 03 Oct 2008
Children’s Art Event to Launch UN Climate Campaign
New York/Nairobi, 23 September 2008 – The global United Nations campaign ‘UNite to Combat Climate Change’ will kick off in October with an auction and exhibit of children’s art in New York.
Tuesday 23 Sep 2008
Mexico to Host World Environment Day under the Theme ‘Your Planet Needs You’
Mexico City/Nairobi, September 2008—Mexico, a country at the crossroads of the Green Economy and one increasingly in the centre of regional and global affairs, will host the international 2009 World Environment Day celebrations.
Monday 22 Sep 2008
Clean Up the World maps communities tackling Climate Change
For the first time ever, communities worldwide taking action to protect the environment as part of the Clean Up the World Weekend, 19-21 September, will have the opportunity to plot their activities using a new online mapping function.
Friday 19 Sep 2008
World Heritage Push for Garden of Eden
Kyoto/Nairobi - Italy Backs Bid to List Iraqi Marshlands Following Completion of UNEP Restoration Project
Friday 05 Sep 2008
Cutting Fossil Fuel Subsidies Can Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions Says UN Environment Report
Accra/Nairobi - Meanwhile New Assessment of Clean Development Mechanism Shows Climate-Friendly Energy Projects Achieving Lift-Off in Sub Sahara Africa
Tuesday 26 Aug 2008
Top Olympic Athlete Yao Ming becomes UNEP's first Environmental Champion
Beijing, 9 August 2008 – Top Olympic athlete Yao Ming is the UN Environment Programme’s first-ever Environmental Champion, UNEP announced today.
Saturday 09 Aug 2008
Green energy will fuel the Olympic experience for millions of spectators in Beijing
Beijing, 5 August 2008 – As seven million spectators count down to the opening of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, solar energy, wind farms and recycled water are among the green features that will help power their Olympic experience.
Tuesday 05 Aug 2008
UNEP Executive Director attends Olympic Opening Ceremony to support Greening of the Games
Nairobi, 4 August 2008 – Achim Steiner, the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), will attend the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony on 8 August as part of UNEP’s continuing support for the Greening of the Games.
Monday 04 Aug 2008
Rock and Jazz Festivals Tune into Climate Friendly Concerts
Nairobi/Arendal -  Two top Norwegian music festivals are joining the international fight against climate change.
Tuesday 22 Jul 2008
WWF launches new TV channel
8 July 2008 – WWF has launched its own dedicated television channel to bring high quality campaign and conservation videos to a worldwide audience.
Tuesday 08 Jul 2008
Many Strong Voices act on climate change
Driven by the need to protect the cultures and livelihoods of countries and regions most affected by climate change, representatives of Arctic communities and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) have joined in calling for action before it is too late.
Wednesday 25 Jun 2008
Environmental Change Re-Draws Atlas of Africa
Glacial Retreat to Rapid Urbanization Chronicled in Landmark Satellite Report to Africa’s Environment Ministers
Tuesday 10 Jun 2008
“Kick the CO2 Habit”-- UNEP Says It May Be Easier Than You Think
World Environment Day 2008 Guides the Global Public Towards Climate Neutrality Wellington/Nairobi, 5 June 2008—Adopting a climate-friendly lifestyle needn’t require drastic changes or major sacrifices.
Wednesday 04 Jun 2008
UNEP Media Release: Nature's 100 Best Initiative Publishes Preliminary Findings on How to Green the Global
Bonn/Geneva/Nairobi - Ninth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity 19-30 May
Wednesday 28 May 2008
Natural resources working for the poor - Environment & Poverty Times
Sustainable use and management of natural resources represents a wealth in natural capital for rural population in developing countries. With the right tools and framework this can be a resource for economic development and poverty alleviation. Read more about this in the fifth issue of Environment & Poverty Times, prepared for the May 2008 TICAD conference.
Wednesday 28 May 2008
UNEP/GRID-Arendal at COP9
Linking communication with biological diversity protection. Linking Tourism and Conservation: Focus on Marine Protected Areas
Tuesday 27 May 2008
DatabasiN - now available in Russian + final report
The project web-site for the DatabasiN project has been updated with a Russian translation of all pages, including those describing the output database, and the final report from the project is now available. This project addresses data needs for river basin management for the transboundary Daugava/Zapadnaya Dvina and Nemunas/Neman river basins .
Monday 05 May 2008
Climate change hitting Arctic faster, harder
New Arctic climate report, prepared by WWF with inputs from the UNEP Key Polar Centre at GRID-Arendal
Friday 25 Apr 2008
Biodiversity Loss—It Will Make You Sick
‘Sustaining Life’ Identifies Huge Losses to Medical Science from the Decline and Extinction of the World’s Nature-Based Assets
Thursday 24 Apr 2008
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