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Adaptation to Climate Change Key Challenge for Arctic Peoples and Arctic Economy
Thawing permafrost, melting sea ice and significant changes in natural resources demand a comprehensive sustainable development plan.
Wednesday 11 Apr 2007
Buildings Can Play a Key Role in Combating Climate Change
Report underlines how often simple and low cost energy savings measures can help deliver the Kyoto targets and beyond
Thursday 29 Mar 2007
International Polar Year- A Statement by the United Nations Environment Programme
Message from UNEP on the polar regions, the polar year and the role of UNEP
Thursday 22 Mar 2007
Abu Dhabi Launches 1st State of Environment Report
The first State of Environment Report for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi was launched in an official ceremony on Monday March 19, 2007 at Emirates Palace, announced the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD).
Tuesday 20 Mar 2007
The Worlds of Art, Peace, Politics and the Environment Unite to Present a Global Exhibition on Climate Change
An exhibition featuring 40 artists from around the world will open on 5 June – United Nations (UN) World Environment Day in Oslo, Norway.
Wednesday 28 Feb 2007
Global Outlook for Ice and Snow
As part of its continuing efforts to raise global awareness about the effects of climate change, UNEP will release Global Outlook for Ice & Snow at the outset of the International Polar Year 2007-2008. This new analysis will focus on the changes in ice-and snow-covered regions and highlight the consequences of those changes for the global community.
Monday 12 Feb 2007
Globalization and Great Apes: Illegal logging destroying last strongholds of Orangutans in National Parks
Nairobi, 6th February 2007. The tropical forests of South East Asia, important for local livelihoods and the last home of the orangutan are disappearing far faster than experts have previously supposed according to a new Rapid Response report from The UN Environment Programme.
Tuesday 06 Feb 2007
GEO Year Book 2007 Underlines environ­­mental risks and opportunities of globalization
Global Environment Outlook Year Book 2007 Launched at UNEP’s 24th Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum
Monday 05 Feb 2007
The evidence for human-caused global warming is now “unequivocal”, says IPCC
Paris, 2 February 2007 – The first major global assessment of climate change science in six years has concluded that changes in the atmosphere, the oceans and glaciers and ice caps show unequivocally that the world is warming.
Friday 02 Feb 2007
Putting Globalization on More ‘Intelligent’ Path Unites UNEP’s 2007 Champions of the Earth
Nairobi, 1 February 2007- The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) announced today the seven leaders who are to be honoured as Champions of the Earth 2007.
Thursday 01 Feb 2007
Worldwide Glacier Melting Underlined in New Data
New data for 2005 published by the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS) confirm the trend of accelerated ice loss during the past two and a half decades.
Tuesday 30 Jan 2007
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