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GA side event: The Arctic - a barometer of global change
GRID-Arendal hosts a unique side event at the Commission of Sustainable Development meeting in New York 26 April. The side event: The Arctic - a Barometer of Global Change and a Catalyst for Global Action will join Borge Brende, the Norwegian Minister for the Environment, Sheila Watt-Clouthier, Chair of the Inuit Circumpolar Conference, Dr. Oran Young, Chair of the Arctic Human Development Report and other high level people in a discussion about the implications to sustianable development in both a global and regional context and the necessary steps to be taken.
Friday 16 Apr 2004
New Vital Arctic Graphics now on web site
A series of unique graphics on the Arctic are now available online on a new web site for the Vital Arctic Graphics. The graphics outline key issues in climate change, pollution, and development of the Arctic, paying special attention to human environment interactions, and specifically highlighting the perspectives of Arctic indigenous peoples.
Thursday 01 Apr 2004
North East Asian dust and sand storms growing in scale and intensity
Dust and sand storms are plaguing North East Asia nearly five times as often as they were in the 1950s environment ministers from around the world learned today.
Wednesday 31 Mar 2004
Throw away society new threat to island paradises
Urgent international assistance is needed to help small island states deal with a rising tide of rubbish and wastes. Studies by UNEP indicate that along with issues including rising sea levels, over-fishing, water shortages and inadequate sanitation services, waste is fast becoming another key problem.
Tuesday 30 Mar 2004
Dead zones emerging as big threat to 21st Century fish stocks
There are nearly 150 oxygen starved or “dead zones” in the world’s oceans and seas, a new report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) shows.
Monday 29 Mar 2004
Poverty and Environment Times launched today
A user-friendly package of information on the links between environment and poverty (with some focus on water but also exploring other issues) highlighting recent research, ongoing projects and events, and suggestions for policy action. The newspaper contains original maps and graphics and contributions from authors all over the world.
Monday 29 Mar 2004
Get the Arctic on postcards
Now the Arctic can reach the world on four newly released postcards on the Arctic environment. The four cards portray oil and gas extraction, pollutant pathways, agglomerations and settlements and the distribution of permafrost in the Arctic. GRID-Arendal has produced the postcards as a taste of the coming Vital Arctic Graphics to be launched later this year.
Sunday 28 Mar 2004
Montreal Protocol talks to consider exemptions from methyl bromide ban
A three-day meeting of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer will consider granting exemptions to 13 developed countries so that they can use the pesticide methyl bromide for certain “critical uses” after its phase-out date of 1 January 2005.
Tuesday 23 Mar 2004
Republic of Korea to host Asia’s first global ministerial environment forum
Delivering safe and sufficient water to over one billion people and providing better sanitation services for nearly two and half billion people will take centre stage at international environment talks taking place at the end of the month.
Thursday 18 Mar 2004
Arctic faces drastic change without EU policy action
The Arctic’s unique environment and indigenous peoples are under increasing threat from industrial activities and the region is likely to change drastically unless decision-makers in the European Union and elsewhere address the challenges seriously.
Monday 15 Mar 2004
GA Stockholm office hosts policy seminar on climate change
GA Stockholm office is hosting half a day seminar on Policies in Response to Impending Climate Change - Challenges For This Century on Friday 12 March 2004. Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director for UNEP, Lena Sommestad, Minister for the Environment in Sweden and Steinar Sorensen, Managing Director GRID-Arendal will discuss policy responses moderated by Swedish environment journalist Henrik Ekman.
Thursday 04 Mar 2004
Biosafety protocol now operational as governments agree documentation rules for GMO trade
The 87 member states of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, which entered into force in September 2003, have adopted documentation requirements and other procedures for promoting the safety of international trade in living (or genetically) modified organisms (known as LMOs, or GMOs).
Friday 27 Feb 2004
Barcelona and the Universal Forum of Cultures to Host World Environment Day 2004
The city of Barcelona, known for its commitment to culture and urban renewal, will be hosting World Environment Day 2004, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announced today.
Tuesday 24 Feb 2004
Stockholm Convention on POPs to enter into force
The 2001 Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) will become legally binding on 17 May 2004, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announced today.
Friday 20 Feb 2004
New wall calendar on Northwest Russian environment and natural resources
Maps, graphics, pictures and facts portray the natural resources and the environment in Northwest Russia in this new colour wall calendar for 2004. The calendar is produced by GRID-Arendal and the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia in the Northwest Federal District.
Tuesday 17 Feb 2004
Clarity Brought to Earth’s Cloud Forests
The Earth’s cloud forests, vital and unique habitats for thousands of rare and endangered species, and suppliers of year-round water supplies for farmers, rural communities and many rapidly growing cities, are under increasing threat from factors including agriculture, road-building and climate change.
Monday 09 Feb 2004
First 2004 E-Learner is out
Ten of the 20 test students graduated from the GVU Global Environment Outlook course in December 2003. Read about what they thought of the course and much more in this new issue of the E-Learner.
Friday 30 Jan 2004
DHL Delivers Help for the Great Apes of Tropical Africa
Some of the most ill-equipped offices in the world, are being brought into the computer age courtesy of DHL. The company has responded to an appeal by the United Nations Great Apes Survival Project (GRASP) and is making vital, free delivery of office equipment to conservation authorities in west and central Africa.
Monday 26 Jan 2004
New global award launched in Mumbai and Davos
In India, a network of women slum dwellers is collaborating with UK engineers and a French water company to improve water delivery in their communities. Such stories are the type of innovative “partnership” that will be the focus of a new global award initiative, “The Seed Awards”, launched today at the World Social Forum in Mumbai and the World Economic Forum in Davos.The Seed Awards is issued jointly with UNEP, IUCN and Stakeholder Forum.
Wednesday 21 Jan 2004
Interactive world map now most visited GRID-Arendal web site
The interactive world map, Globalis, is now the most visited web site of the GRID-Arendal web sites. With 2600 unique visitors every day the map has become a popular tool for many GRID-Arendal visitors. Globalis is a tool which highlights the similarities and differences between the countries of this world in a simple and visual way.
Thursday 15 Jan 2004
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