Press releases

One of the world's great environmental thinkers and innovators, who has married life in the glittering halls of academia with on-the-ground livelihood and development schemes for the rural poor, has won this year's prestigious UNEP Sasakawa Environment Prize.
Wednesday 30 Oct 2002
Illustrates impacts on water, health and food due to climate change
Tuesday 29 Oct 2002
News Release from the WorldFish Center; International Coral Reef Action Network and the United Nations Environment Programme
Monday 28 Oct 2002
New UNEP Report to be Key Contribution for Bishkek Mountain Summit
Wednesday 23 Oct 2002
28 color graphics looking at the effects and consequenses of climate change in Africa.
Friday 18 Oct 2002
New Delhi climate conference to put spotlight on clean technology, adaptation and national action to cut greenhouse emissions
Wednesday 16 Oct 2002
"The record of the international community in the first two years of implementing the Millennium Declaration is, at best, mixed. Some Millennium goals have benefited from the hard decisions and courageous reforms that are needed. Others have not. "In the remaining thirteen years, progress must be made on a much broader front. Otherwise, the ringing words of the Declaration will serve only as grim reminders - of human needs neglected, and promises unmet."
Friday 04 Oct 2002
UNEP Today Hands Over Low Cost Rainwater Harvesting to Kenyan Pastoralists
Friday 27 Sep 2002
Nations Agree to Conserve Scores of Species from the Great White to a Blind Dolphin
Wednesday 25 Sep 2002
The Fate of 36 Migratory Species, Including the Wild Bactrian Camel, the World's Largest Fish and the Amazonian Manatee, To Be Decided by Over 100 Countries
Wednesday 18 Sep 2002
Five teams totalling 20 Afghani and international scientists and experts will depart Kabul today to collect samples and examine sites around the country in the first-ever effort to assess how 30 years of conflict have affected Afghanistan's environment.
Thursday 12 Sep 2002
While 1.1 billion people or 18 per cent of the world's population lack access to safe drinking water, in many African cities, up to 50 per cent of the water is wasted through leakages or is unaccounted for, while many water sources are being polluted. What is worse, bucket for bucket, the poor often pay up to fifty times as much as the rich for this precious resource.
Wednesday 04 Sep 2002
Nations Accept Environment's Key Role in Delivering a Healthier and Cleaner World
Wednesday 04 Sep 2002
News Comes as UK Government, United Nations Foundation and International Fund for Animal Welfare Give Cash Backing to GRASP Partnership
Tuesday 03 Sep 2002
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