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The Greening Of Export Credit Agencies
PARIS, 22 October, 2001 - 70 senior staff from Export Credit Agencies (ECAs), banks and insurers - which facilitate USD billions of trade annually - are gathering in Paris today. They are meeting under the auspices of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to explore how to further "green" their operations.
Monday 22 Oct 2001
Klaus Toepfer: The Peace Prize Inspires Us
Nairobi, 12 October 2001 - A redoubling of efforts to fight poverty and environmental degradation has been pledged by the head of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
Friday 12 Oct 2001
One Of The World's Most Famous Rivers, The Yangtze,
Beijing/Nairobi, 12 October 2001 - A multi-million dollar bid to reduce the risk of devastating floods on one of the world's mightiest rivers, the Yangtze, has been drawn up by scientists.
Friday 12 Oct 2001
Bleak Story Of The Black Sea Highlighted In Global Assessment Of World's Waters
Kalmar/Nairobi, 12 October 2001 - One of the world's great seas is spiraling into decline as a result of chronic over-fishing, high levels of pollution and the devastating impacts of alien, introduced, species, an international team of scientists is warning.
Friday 12 Oct 2001
Marrakech climate talks to finalize Kyoto rulebook
Marrakech, October 2001 - The world's governments are meeting here from 29 October to 9 November to finalize the procedures and institutions needed to make the Kyoto Protocol fully operational.
Thursday 11 Oct 2001
Threats to ozone layer persist as governments seek tighter controls
Colombo, Sri Lanka, 8 October 2001 - Recognizing the need to eliminate any remaining weaknesses in the international regime for protecting the earth's ozone layer, governments will meet here from 16 to 19 October in order to strengthen the effectiveness of the Montreal Protocol on Substances That Deplete the Ozone Layer.
Monday 08 Oct 2001
United Nationes signs partnership with Animal Planet to promote
New York, 4 October 2001 - The United Nations today announced the formation of a promotional partnership with the Animal Planet television channel aimed at generating awareness for conservation and biodiversity around the world. Tied to the channel's annual programming special, World Animal Day, which will air on Sunday, 7 October, around the world, the partnership will leverage the joint resources, knowledge and efforts of both organizations. Mr. Shashi Tharoor, Interim Head of the UN Department of Public Information, Dawn McCall, President, Discovery Networks International, and Michael Cascio, General Manager and Executive Vice-President of Animal Planet, made the joint announcement.
Thursday 04 Oct 2001
Worsening water shortages threaten China's food sceurity
04 Oct 2001 - A little-noticed survey released in Beijing in mid-August reveals that China's water situation is far more serious than realized. The water table under the North China Plain, which produces over half of China's wheat and a third of its corn, is falling faster than thought.
Thursday 04 Oct 2001
WRI Urges Desertification Conference
Geneva, October 3, 2001 - The World Resources Institute (WRI) today urged participants to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) to take a wider view of the world's drylands as important for maintaining key ecosystem goods and services that sustain human livelihoods.
Wednesday 03 Oct 2001
Poland lets Polluters Pay - Progress in Defusing Environmental Hot Spots
26 Sep 2001 - Central authorities, municipalities and private enterprises succeeded in improving several of Poland´s environmental hot spots, which were identified in 1992 as part of the Baltic Sea Joint Comprehensive Environmental Action Programme of the Helsinki Commission. This was the outcome of a regional review meeting held in Cracow 25-26 September 2001. It re-assessed ten environmental hot spots in Southern Poland.
Wednesday 26 Sep 2001
New, detailed Baltic region land cover maps released
22 Sep 2001 - Through the joint efforts of two EU supported projects, new and detailed land cover information from all around the Baltic Sea is now freely available on the Web to everybody interested through the Baltic Environmental Atlas.
Saturday 22 Sep 2001
UN Environment Chief Urges World To Fight Root Causes Of Civil Unrest That Can Lead To Terrorism
Almaty, September 21, 2001 - The world must tackle international terrorism and tackle the forces of poverty, environmental degradation and hatred that give birth to intolerance that can lead to fundamentalism and terrorist acts.
Friday 21 Sep 2001
New TV films explore transport trends from both ends of the technology spectrum
Paris/Nairobi September 2001 - Two new Earth Report films to be broadcast worldwide this month on BBC World explore transport trends from both ends of the technology spectrum. The films, "Water in Your Tank" and ?Without Wheels?, are made with the support of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
Thursday 20 Sep 2001
More Action Needed To Guarantee Recovery Of Ozone Layer: New Substances May Damage Earth's Protective Shield
Nairobi, September 14 2001 - A range of new chemicals, used in everything from fire extinguishers to cleaning fluids, are appearing on the market to the concern of scientists studying the ozone layer.
Friday 14 Sep 2001
UN in Kenya Condemns Atrocities Committed in the United States and Expresses Grief and Sympathy for Victims Families
Nairobi, 12 September 2001 - In the name of the United Nations family in Kenya, Klaus Toepfer, UN Under Secretary General and Director General of the UN Office at Nairobi, today condemned the terrorist atrocities that have taken place in the United States.
Wednesday 12 Sep 2001
New Atlas maps the world's fast disappearing coral reefs
London, 11 September 2001 - Scientists who have compiled the most detailed assessment to date of coral reefs have shown that these precious marine ecosystems occupy a much smaller area of the planet than previously assumed. Although distributed in 101 countries and territories, where they are vital for fisheries, coastal protection, tourism and wildlife, they occupy less than one tenth of one percent of the oceans.
Tuesday 11 Sep 2001
New Tv Films Explore Transport Trends From Both Ends Of The Technology Spectrum
Paris/Nairobi September 2001 - Two new Earth Report films to be broadcast worldwide this month on BBC World explore transport trends from both ends of the technology spectrum. The films, 'Water in Your Tank ' and 'Without Wheels', are made with the support of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
Monday 10 Sep 2001
The Amsterdam Declaration on Global Change
Amsterdam, 13 July - An important declaration on global environmental changes was made. Over 1,500 scientists from over 100 countries participated in the deliberations in drawing up the declaration. More details on this may be found at the link:
Thursday 06 Sep 2001
The United Nations Information Centre launches new on-line databases, with search functions
21 Mar 2011 - On the opening day of the United Nations General Assembly, 11 September, we will be opening our doors to present our new offer.
Monday 03 Sep 2001
6.2 Billion world population put pressure on human life-support systems
World Population Day July11, 2001 - Humans are growing like cancer on earth. Combined population growth and increased consumption of natural resources per capita are merging to collapse the very life-support system on spaceship earth. Right now, on World Population Day, the number of people on Earth is estimated at 6,169,232,446 and climbing. In the three minutes it may take a reader to finish this article, the world's population will have increased by 438 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
Monday 03 Sep 2001
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