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A tribute to Ambassador Hans Wilhelm Longva

Norwegian jurist and top diplomat Hans Wilhelm Longva was especially known during an extensive and impressive career, for his diplomatic role in the Middle East.  The UNEP Shelf Programme also benefited from his wisdom and statesmanship.

Hans Wilhelm Longva

Ambassador Hans Wilhelm Longva passed away on 12th October, 2013.   Many staff of GRID-Arendal, and especially the staff of the Continental Shelf Team, had worked closely with Ambassador Longva over many years in connection with assisting countries in West Africa with their submissions under the United Nations Law of the Sea.  GRID-Arendal shares a great sense of loss on the occasion of the passing of a great Norwegian Statesman.  Yet we also feel particularly privileged to have had the opportunity to learn and be mentored by Ambassador Longva. We are humbled by his worldly experiences and grateful for his candor for sharing them with us. His dedication to the oceans, Law of the Sea, and in particular the rights of developing coastal states, permeates our activities and continues to be held strongly in our own convictions and actions.

We are thankful for his collaboration, his leadership and his friendship. We celebrate, as an organization, his contributions to the bettering of the world we all share and his passion for people and progress.  We share, both as Norwegians and as guests from the international community, a profound sense of pride in having helped in some manner, Ambassador Longva promote the strong, inclusive values of the Norwegian State and its people.

Thank you, Ambassador, for inviting us to walk with you.

See also an interview conducted with Ambassador Longva in 2012

Tuesday 15 Oct 2013
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