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Arctic Climate Training - 26 June – 3 July 2011

A 7-day training programme to raise awareness of the youth on the impact of climate change in the Arctic  takes place this summer in Svalbard, Norway aboard the ship M/v "Antarctic Dream".  Organized by the British Council, the training programme will be attended by twenty young people from across Europe and Canada who are active in climate change projects.   The programme will be facilitated by experts from GRID-Arendal.

GRID-Arendal will share its scientific and social expertise in the areas of climate change, polar environments, green economy and sustainable tourism while utilizing the amazing training environment of Svalbard. 

During the excursion participants will learn about polar climate-related issues, sustainable tourism and undergo capacity building in communicating climate change and developing and managing projects for implementation in their countries when they return.

At the same time they will see and experience the full beauty and drama of Svalbard and the polar Arctic region.

Se video from the excursion created 7 July 2011:

Tuesday 14 Jun 2011