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2010 ZERO Emission Rally visited Arendal

GRID-Arendal, the Arendal Municipality, Vitensentert Sørlandet and other partners jointly hosted the visit of participants of the 2010 ZERO Emission Rally and organized hands-on workshops for 7th graders. The goals of the rally were: to create awareness of alternative sources of energy; to test the performance of hydrogen, plug-in hybrid and battery electric cars; and, to inspire manufacturers, researchers and students to further improve the technology. The 700 km rally, organized by ZERO and the Norwegian Automobile-Sport Federation, started in Oslo and ended in Stavanger.

More than 200 7th graders took part in the workshops, which provided them the opportunity to test and charge hydrogen cars, to charge small electric cars with solar panels, to create/design future cars with renewable energy sources, and to present their First Lego League projects.

Zero Rally Norway arrives in Arendal

Tuesday 31 Aug 2010