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OECD DAC Report "Natural Resources and Pro-Poor Growth"

The OECD has just released Natural Resources and Pro-Poor Growth.The Economics and Politics. This publication is intended to help decision makers in developing countries.

  • Take stock of the contribution that natural resources can make to pro-poor growth;
  • Understand the importance of policies that nurture sustainable management of these resources;
  • Address the governance challenges associated with natural resources management.

The report is divided into two parts: Part I provides an overview of the economics and politics of natural resources. It describes the unique features of natural resources and resulting management challenges, the role of sustainable natural resource management in supporting pro poor growth, and the politics and governance of natural resources. Part II examines these issues with respect to seven specific natural resource sectors: fisheries, forests, wildlife and ecotourism, soil productivity, water security, minerals and renewable energy.

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Wednesday 11 Feb 2009