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Many Strong Voices act on climate change – new action plan, new website

Many Strong Voices is a collaborative programme with the goal of promoting the well-being, security and sustainability of coastal communities in the Arctic and SIDS in the face of climate change, by bringing these regions together to take action on mitigation and adaptation. The MSV programme is made up of a consortium of partners represented by nearly 20 Arctic and SIDS nations.

The Many Strong Voices Five-Year Action Plan released today links research and advocacy. It outlines how the programme will support the efforts and improve the skills and knowledge of people in the regions suffering the most from climate change. The release of the Action Plan coincides with the re-launch of the programme website 

The Action Plan includes strategies to push for deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It also details an assessment of how SIDS can adapt to climate change, learning from Arctic work, plus a plan to inform and warn the world of the dramatic effects of climate change experienced already in the Arctic and SIDS.

Contributor Ilan Kelman, from the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo (CICERO) stated, “By ensuring a strong scientific basis for this work which is balanced with local knowledge, those most in need of help for climate change can be certain of acting on the best information available”.

Many Strong Voices programme coordinator, John Crump from GRID-Arendal, added: “One of the key messages of the Many Strong Voices programme is that changes in the Arctic and island regions have implications for the rest of the world. The kinds of changes and choices these vulnerable regions of the world face are harbingers for what is to come for the rest of the planet.”

Many Strong Voices is coordinated by GRID-Arendal and CICERO.


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