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CITES conference ends with strong decisions on wildlife conservation
Tighter trade controls agreed for mahogany, sharks, sea horses, turtles, parrots Ivory sales made conditional on improved monitoring of poaching
Sunday 17 Nov 2002
FN-rapport slår fast at norsk utbygging av fjellområdene truer villrein og dyreliv
I FN's miljøprograms (UNEP) globale oppsummering over tilstanden i verdens fjellområder blir Norge kritisert for manglende hensyn til den norske villreinen som er under hardt press av hytte- og kraftutbygging. Men rapporten slår fast at det forts ...
Sunday 17 Nov 2002
Tour Operators launch new performance indicators to promote environment-friendly tourism
Key social and environmental performance indicators for tour operators were launched in London on 13 November, during the Environmental Awareness Day at the World Travel Market.
Wednesday 13 Nov 2002
CITES sets strict conditions for any possible future ivory sales
Building on an earlier consensus amongst most African elephant range states, the 160-member Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) has agreed here on a rigorous regime for controlling any eventual ...
Tuesday 12 Nov 2002
Greening Africa's Desert Margins
Global Environment Facility Funds New UNEP Poverty-Busting Project Promising New Hope to People and Wildlife
Monday 11 Nov 2002
The IT challenge
Special report to CNET Networks by Kofi Annan
Wednesday 06 Nov 2002
UN information office for the Nordic countries presents new website for the International Freshwater year 2003
En tredjedel af verdens befolkning bor i lande med vandmangel. Fortsætter forbruget som i dag vil to tredjedele af verdens befolkning bo i områder med vandproblemer inden 2025.
Wednesday 06 Nov 2002
Action to prevent enviromental disaster in Central Asia signals positive outcome of first-ever Global Mountain Summit
Action to prevent a potentially devastating environmental disaster in one of the most densely populated areas of Central Asia was announced here in the final hours of the Bishkek Global Mountain Summit.
Friday 01 Nov 2002
Daily environmental news now available for Serbia (only in Serbian)
Friday 01 Nov 2002
Natural Disasters Set to Cost Over $ 70 Billion
Insurers Warn of Mounting Price Tag of Climate Change at COP8 Meeting
Wednesday 30 Oct 2002
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