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UN calls for international collaboration to safeguard wildlife frequent
Bergen, Norway, 20 November 2011 – The world is covered by billions of invisible migratory pathways. On land, in the water and in the air, animals on the move depend on the availability of critical sites along their annual journeys. These world ...
Monday 21 Nov 2011
Frequent travellers of the animal world at risk - New UNEP/CMS report on ecological networks
Across the planet millions of animals travel with the seasons from one location to the next. Not unlike modern transport systems with interconnected airports, road and railway grids, migratory species depend on a network of habitats and corrido ...
Thursday 17 Nov 2011
Why Investing in Forests is Win-Win for Communities, Climate and Orangutan Conservation
Jakarta / Nairobi, 28 September 2011 – Conserving key rainforests in Indonesia could generate revenues three times greater than felling them for palm oil plantations.
Wednesday 28 Sep 2011
ENVSEC Reports released in Astana
Two reports jointly prepared by Zoi Environment and GRID-Arendal for the Environment and Security Initiative were launched at the Seventh “Environment for Europe” Ministerial Conference that took place in Astana, Kazakhstan from 21 to 23 Septem ...
Wednesday 21 Sep 2011
New Arctic NGO Forum on environmental issues launched
19th September 2011 - The image of a frozen, timeless Arctic is being dramatically altered by each new scientific study that comes out, replaced by a new reality of rapid change. Governments are staking their claims as industry begins to focus ...
Monday 19 Sep 2011
NOMINATIONS OPEN FOR UNEP’S CHAMPIONS OF THE EARTH AWARD 2012 Awards Come in Run Up to Rio+20 and UNEP's 40th Anniversary Celebrations
Nairobi, 1 September 2011- Nominations are now open for the 2012 Champions of the Earth -- the United Nations' flagship environment award that recognizes outstanding visionaries and leaders in the fields of policy, science, entrepreneurship ...
Thursday 01 Sep 2011
Investing in Ecosystem Services Vital to Improving Food Security, says UN
Nairobi/Stockholm, 22 August 2010 – Recognising healthy ecosystems as the basis for sustainable water resources and stable food security can help produce more food per unit of agricultural land, improve resilience to climate change and pr ...
Monday 22 Aug 2011
UNEP Ogoniland Oil Assessment Reveals Extent of Environmental Contamination and Threats to Human Health
Abuja, 4 August 2011 – The environmental restoration of Ogoniland could prove to be the world’s most wide-ranging and long term oil clean-up exercise ever undertaken if contaminated drinking water, land, creeks and important ecosyst ...
Thursday 04 Aug 2011
Global Investments in Green Energy Up Nearly a Third to US$211 billion
Wind farms in China and small-scale solar panels on rooftops in Europe were largely responsible for last year’s 32% rise in green energy investments worldwide, according to the latest annual report on renewable energy investment trends ...
Thursday 07 Jul 2011
Continent Beginning to Access Clean Development Mechanism: More Opportunities emerging Say Experts
Marrakesh, Morocco, 6 July 2011 - With more than 1,100 registered participants, the Africa Carbon Forum, the leading regional trade fair and knowledge sharing platform for carbon investments, has demonstrated that Africa is an increasingly attr ...
Wednesday 06 Jul 2011
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