The Africa Environmental Information Network (AfricaEIN) is a multi-stakeholder capacity building process that aims to harness and enhance access to information and knowledge to support the management of Africa's environmental resources as assets for sustainable development. 

Friday 21 Nov 2014

If you are thinking of working on global environment issues, an internship at GRID-Arendal could be an ideal start for you. Students from a wide range of disciplines are able to apply, and depending on qualifications, are selected for internships that relate either to the organization's strategic activities or to administrative- or technical functions.  

Thursday 20 Nov 2014

The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), GRID-Arendal and the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) have become the pioneering founders of a new Norwegian initiative to strengthen and share national competence on ‘blue forest’ habitats.  

Thursday 13 Nov 2014

In response to the call by the United Nations to provide innovative solutions to address the climate challenge and to prevent global biodiversity loss, GRID-Arendal, a centre collaborating with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and Blue Climate Solutions, a project of The Ocean Foundation, have produced a report on the potential of marine vertebrates to readily fill this void. 

Tuesday 11 Nov 2014

Reykjavik, Iceland -- The message is as consistent as it is compelling: the Arctic is front and centre in global discussions on everything from climate change to creating “green growth.”

Friday 31 Oct 2014

The changing environment and increased interest in large-scale development are putting pressure on the Arctic coastlines and wetlands. As part of its continuing exploration of important regional issues, the Arctic NGO Forum will host a workshop on 31 October called At the Edge: The Future of Arctic Coastlines, Deltas and Wetlands.

Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

What kind of knowledge is needed to make the right decisions in the Arctic?  Some participants at Arctic Circle Conference will take part in an interactive session that will try to come up with some answers.

Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

This year GRID-Arendal will be hosting 5 events in its Green Knowledge Centre and around Teaterplassen 3 in conjunction with the celebration of International Days 2014 in Arendal.  International Days is an annual communicty event jointly organized by Kilden Internasjonale Kulturkontor, FN-byen Arendal, GRID-Arendal, the UN Association of Norway, the Arendal Library, the Arendal Adult Education Centre, and Aust-Agder Red Cross to create awareness, provide knowldge and foster global citizenship through engagement in today's most pressing issues.

Make sure to join the UN Day Parade, Friday, 24 October. Gathering outside the GRID-Arendal Building, Teaterplassen 3 at 9:00.

Monday 20 Oct 2014

The international conference titled ‘Mountain People Adapting to Change: Solutions Beyond Boundaries Bridging Science, Policy, and Practice’ will be held from 9–12 November 2014 in Kathmandu, Nepal as ICIMOD’s annual flagship event. The conference aims to strengthen links and promote knowledge sharing between climate scientists, policy makers and practitioners and explore holistic solutions for adaptation that transcend political, sectoral, and national boundaries. 

Wednesday 08 Oct 2014

Bold and innovative action is urgently required if governments are to meet the globally-agreed Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and its Aichi Targets by 2020, says a United Nations progress report on the state of global biodiversity.  

Monday 06 Oct 2014