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GRID-Arendal celebrates 20 Years!

Message from the Managing Director Peter Prokosch

I have the pleasure to announce the 20th anniversary of GRID-Arendal. For the past 20 years our staff has been working in support of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Today our centre is known worldwide for its expertise in our 3 priority focus areas: our engagement, knowledge and networking in the Polar and other ice & snow regions, with an increased focus on climate change; our assistance to developing countries on their marine environmental management in connection with defining their shelf boundaries; and, our key communications services in visualizing scientific data and environmental information, and capacity building for environmental assessments. 


Greetings   Anniversary Highlights

I am pleased to extend greetings to all participants at this 20th anniversary seminar of GRID-Arendal, a key partner of the United Nations Environment Programme. GRID-Arendal is bridging the gap between science and policy while serving as a model of climate neutrality by following the UN’s “Kick the Habit” guidelines.
Ban-Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The inauguration of GRID-Arendal 20 years ago is something I remember very well. Those of us who were there were part of something important. GRID-Arendal was an institution different from all others, and a central element in the follow-up of the World Commission on Environment and Development.
Gro Harlem Brundtland, Former Prime Minister of Norway 

Reliable information is of key importance to effective environmental protection. GRID Arendal’s consistent gathering, analysis and dissemination of quality environmental information over 20 years has made important knowledge accessible and useful. This is something to be proud of. Congratulations!
Erik Solheim, Norwegian Minister of the Environment and International Development


20th Anniversary Seminar
Going for  the Green New Deal
21 August 2009 



PDF format Seminar programme
CO2focus’ Climate Certificate™ is hereby issued to GRID-Arendal's Anniversary Event which has been verifed according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The CO2 emissions originatng from the event have been offset by UN issued emission credits from CDM project no. 0744, equivalent to a total amount of 25,6 tonnes CO2.

The emission credits are issued by UN and called CER (Certfed Emission Reducton). These are part of the Kyoto Protocol’s mechanism to combat global warming, called the Clean Development Mechanism. A CER is an ofcial emission credit which guarantees the reducton of greenhouse gas emissions and also supports sustainable growth in developing countries. See certificate (pdf)

GRID-Arendal staff members through the years:

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