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GRID-Arendal celebrates 20 Years!


Kick the Habit: A UN Guide to Carbon Neutrality
On World Environment Day, UNEP launched a guide to low-carbon living, entitled Kick the Habit: A UN Guide to Carbon Neutrality that was produced by GRID-Arendal. Aimed at a broad audience, presenting solutions for individuals, businesses, cities and countries, NGOs and intergovernmental organizations, the publication shows how all levels of society can get closer to climate neutrality.
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The Environmental Food Crisis: The Environment's Role in Averting Future Food Crises, a rapid response assessment report prepared by GRID-Arendal and UNEP-WCMC, was released by UNEP. The report provides the first summary by the UN of how climate change, water stress, invasive pests and land degradation may impact world food security, food prices and life on the planet and how we may be able to feed the world in a more sustainable manner.
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In Dead Water
In Dead Water has for the first time mapped the multiple and combined impacts of pollution; alien infestations; over-exploitation and climate change on the seas and oceans.
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Vital Water Graphics II
The report presents an overview, through a set of graphics, maps and other illustrations, of the current state of the world’s fresh, coastal and marine waters. It illustrates the causes and effects of trends that threaten our water resources, with examples of areas of major concern and future scenarios for the use and management of fresh, coastal and marine waters.
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The Environment & Poverty Times No. 5
The paper features a collection of short articles, maps, graphics and other illustrations that focuses on the complex links between environment and poverty reduction.
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The Third Impact Seminar was convened by GRID-Arendal to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on the impact of environmental information on decision-making.
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UNEP’s Carbon Neutral Network website,,  which was produced by GRID-Arendal, was lauched.

Many Strong Voices Five-Year Action Plan was released and the programme website,, was re-launched.

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