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Building Integrated Ocean Management in African regions
The Mami Wata Expert Workshop in Libreville, Gabon 15-17th February 2017 Along the African Atlantic coast, the marine and coastal environment is home to a range of biodiversity hotspots and highly productive ecosystems. These natural asset ...
Friday 24 Feb 2017
GRID-Arendal vant prisen for Mest Kreative Kart
GRID-Arendal har siden sin oppstart fokusert på å informere om miljø og klima med visuelle og kreative verktøy, blant annet ved å lage ulike typer kart. De siste årene har vi utviklet digitale kart i sammenheng med historier. Med disse kartene, ...
Monday 20 Feb 2017
GRID-Arendal wins creative map award
GRID-Arendal has focused on creative map making since its beginning. Over the last couple of years, we have developed Story Maps that combine Esri-technology and cartography to tell environmental stories in a new and powerful way. Yesterda ...
Monday 20 Feb 2017
Marin forsøpling – det nye havmonsteret
En hval med 30 plastposer i magesekken har skremt oss alle. Bildene viser den ærlige sannhet om havets tilstand og hvordan dette påvirker livet i havet. Samtidig har vi fått enda et bevis på at vi må handle raskt for å redusere omfanget av mari ...
Monday 13 Feb 2017
Lessons from a dead whale
The story of a Cuvier beaked whale that died with a stomach full of plastic bags went around the world last week.
Monday 13 Feb 2017
Lihkku beivviin, Sápmi! - Happy Sámi National Day!
This year marks the 100th anniversary of a meeting that launched Sámi political activity.
Monday 13 Feb 2017
Whales in a sea of plastic
It’s hard to imagine that one of the largest creatures on the planet can be killed by eating plastic. But it seems that a stomach full of plastic bags may have led to the death of a Cuvier beaked whale this week on the Norwegian coast near the ...
Monday 06 Feb 2017
Bigger than the Grand Canyon - but invisible
A new study co-authored by two of GRID-Arendal’s ocean experts focusses on the need to protect a little known but important part of our planet – deep canyons that lie on the bottom of the ocean.
Monday 06 Feb 2017
High Latitudes, High Altitudes
The Arctic and Hindu Kush Himalayan regions can learn from each other when it comes to education, research and international cooperation on the climate and environment.
Monday 06 Feb 2017
Making nature work for climate change action
The Global Environment Facility (GEF)/UN Environment (UNEP) Blue Forests Project Cross-Training Workshop is taking place in Panama City, from 23 to 25 January 2017.
Tuesday 24 Jan 2017
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