Abidjan Convention Sustainable Seas pilot workshop report released

On 18-21 June 2012, GRID-Arendal, under the auspices of the Secretariat of the Abidjan Convention (West Africa Regional Sea), hosted an exploratory workshop dedicated to identifying capacity building needs and priorities for the development of a full scale capacity building programme (Sustainable Seas). 

 The report is available here.

Prior to the workshop, a survey was sent out to the participants to identify: 

  • National offshore oil and gas environmental management capacity
  • Assessment of Integrated Marine Management
  •  Initiatives in the region
  • Identification of marine management stakeholders at the national levels.

The workshop itself was organized around 4 thematic areas, aimed to identify common priorities:

  • The EbM Framework
  • Involvement of the offshore oil and gas sector in EbM
  • The role of marine data and information in EbM
  • Marine assessments and reporting

Introductions were provided by experts from GRID-Arendal, Institute of Marine Research, ODINAFRICA and WWF. Each session was organized in 2 working groups: a francophone group and an Anglophone group. Each group was led by a moderator and a rapporteur, both from the region.

 The identified needs were discussed in group and lead to identified common priorities. These will be used as input (so called ‘building blocks’) for the development of a programme proposal with technical projects together with partner organizations.

Group picture – 21 June 2012 – Grand-Bassam (Côte d’Ivoire).


Tuesday 13 Nov 2012