Marine Newsletter #19 – June 2011

Highlights from the Marine Programme at GRID-Arendal for June 2011

Featured Project

Blue Carbon Project Website Launched
The website for GRID-Arendal’s Blue Carbon Project was launched today. The project aims to promote the sustainable management of coastal blue carbon ecosystems through approaches focused on climate change adaptation and mitigation, sustainable tourism, the recognition and valuation of coastal ecosystem services, and sustainable management practices.

Next week, the site will host links to the Blue Carbon Photography Contest and Blue Carbon Photography Library. The contest will reach out to grassroots organizations involved in coastal and marine conservation efforts worldwide for photographs for a special image-based climate change publication and for the photo library.

Visit the Blue Carbon Project Website

For more information, please contact Steven Lutz.


Recent events
Seminars/meetings/conferences related to the marine environment where representatives from GRID-Arendal have participated:

  • Workshop to set platform for management of deep seabed minerals, Nadi, Fiji, 6-8 June – organised by the Applied Geoscience and Technology Division (SOPAC) of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), in collaboration with GRID-Arendal.
  • Meeting with representative from the World Maritime University in Malmø, Sweden – discussing areas of mutual interest. 
  • Celebration of World Oceans Day, Arendal, Norway, 8 June – including GRID-Arendal staff jumping in the sea outside the office, and a presentation from Flumill AS on their tidal power pilot system.
  • First Steering Committee meeting for the SPC/SOPAC - UNEP Pacific Marine Minerals and Deep Sea Mining Assessment, Nadi, Fiji, 9-10 June – formalising the content of the Assessment and the types of deliverables.
  • UNEP Shelf Programme workshop, Stavanger, Norway, 14-25 June – assisting representatives from the Tanzania government in finalising its submission for the extension of its continental shelf.
  • Meeting with representative from the South Pacific Regional Sea organisation (SPREP), Apia, Samoa, 20 June – discussing potential common projects.
  • 2nd Liaison Committee Meeting of the six West African coastal States, Praia, Cape Verde, 20-22 June.
  • Workshop on Article 76 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Seas, Praia, Cape Verde, 23-25 June – on the process of preparing a submission for the extension of the continental shelf.

Upcoming events

26 June-3 July
Svalbard, Norway: A 7-day training programme to raise awareness of the youth on the impact of climate change in the Arctic.  The training, which will take place aboard the ship M/v "Antarctic Dream", is organised by the British Council. Twenty young people from across Europe and Canada who are active in climate change projects will be taking part in the programme. Follow the training at the project blog.
For more information, please contact Christina Cavaliere.

3-7 July
Arendal, Norway: 2nd International Symposium on Integrated Coastal Zone Management, hosted by the Institute of Marine Research (IMR). The multi-disciplinary international conference is intended to promote science and integration of knowledge for the sustainable management of coastal resources. It will provide a venue for scientists, engineers, managers and policy-makers to discuss recent advances and innovative ideas, to share experiences and to develop networks.
For more information, please contact Steven Lutz or Christian Neumann.

17-22 July
Edinburgh, Scotland: 7th International Gas Hydrates Conference. Following the conference the 3rd work session dedicated to the UNEP Global Outlook on Methane Gas Hydrates will take place involving key chapter leads and members of the project steering committee.
For more information, please contact Yannick Beaudoin.


Did you know that…
…mangroves, salt marsh grasses, and seagrasses do not only store carbon, they also serve as important nurseries for fish, protect coastlines from erosion, and can create jobs for people by enhancing fisheries production? Protecting them is therefore a win-win-situation.
Source: The Naked Scientists
…sediment cores from salt marshes has helped scientists refine the models used to predict climate-change-induced sea level rise? The method has also shown that the past century had the fastest recorded rate of sea level rise.
Source: Science Daily

Picture of the monthCelebration of World Oceans Day at GRID-Arendal. Read moreabout the eventhere.Photo credit: Robert Barnes.

Our favorite website of the month

The Blue Carbon Project

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